Google Meet’s Video Platform Open To All

When I joined Google last year to lead G Suite, I couldn’t have imagined how the world was about to change. But in a few short months, working together took on a whole new meaning, và meetings became about so much more than getting things done. From doctor check-up meetings, to meetings with financial advisors, to lớn study meetings, workout meetings, và birthday meetings. They may not look or feel like traditional meetings, but they’re the most important meetings happening right now.

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That’s why we’ve re-engineered Google Meet, originally built for secure business meetings, to lớn make it không tính phí và available to all. Since making Meet's advanced features không lấy phí for all G Suite và G Suite for Education users in March, we've seen daily usage grow by 30x, with Meet hosting 3 billion minutes of đoạn phim meetings daily. Last month, we were adding roughly 3 million new users every day. That's why we're expanding the offering to more people around the world.

Now that the rollout we announced two weeks ago is complete, anyone with an email address can sign up & get started at, for không tính phí. And khổng lồ make meetings even more accessible and helpful, in the coming days you’ll also be able lớn use Meet directly in Gmail.

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Cliông xã “Start a meeting" và a new window opens with a chất lượng, secure meeting for you to join and then mô tả with others. You can also easily join meetings shared with you by entering a meeting code. And you can plan Clip meetings & invite others directly from Google Calendar.

Because video meetings have never been more important, we’ve been fast-tracking the most requested features for Meet, & are now making them available to all. Anyone can use Meet’s simple scheduling and screen sharing, real-time captions, and layouts that adapt to lớn your preference, including an expanded tiled view—all built on Google’s secure, reliable global infrastructure. Speaking from my own experience, the new features in Meet are already making our team (& my family) meetings better. We love how tiled view makes us feel more connected—& the occasional surprise visits from kids and family pets! 

And we’re continuing to lớn look for ways lớn make Google Meet more accessible & useful. For example, we know đoạn phim meetings can be challenging to follow for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, which is why we made sure AI-powered automatic live captioning was available to everyone. One of the most meaningful emails I’ve received was from a parent whose child was able to feel more included thanks to live captioning. Google AI has also made it possible to lớn provide helpful features lượt thích low-light mode, which can automatically adjust your đoạn phim to lớn make you more visible to others.

Meet is available for không tính phí for everyone at và on iOS or Android. If you have sầu an existing Google Account (for example, if you’re a user), you can sign in at khổng lồ get started. If you don’t have a free Google Account, it only takes a minute khổng lồ create one using your work or personal gmail address of choice (we require this step as a security measure, và you’ll only need to bởi vì this once). Or look for Meet right in Gmail.

We hope Meet will help you connect to all your important meetings—from work meetings, to lớn graduation meetings, khổng lồ wedding meetings, & everything in between.