Google Maps helps over one billion people navigate & explore. And over the past few years, our investments in AI have sầu supercharged the ability lớn bring you the most helpful information about the real world, including when a business is open và how crowded your bus is. Today at Google I/O, we announced new ways the lademo advancements in AI are transforming Google Maps — helping you explore with an all-new immersive sầu view of the world, find the most fuel-efficient route, và use the magic of Live View in your favorite third-tiệc ngọt apps.

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A more immersive sầu, intuitive map

Google Maps first launched to help people navigate lớn their destinations. Since then, it’s evolved to become much more — it’s a handy companion when you need to lớn find the perfect restaurant or get information about a local business. Today — thanks to lớn advances in computer vision và AI that allow us to lớn fuse together billions of Street View và aerial images lớn create a rich, digital model of the world — we’re introducing a whole new way khổng lồ explore with Maps. With our new immersive sầu view, you’ll be able lớn experience what a neighborhood, landmark, restaurant or popular venue is lượt thích — & even feel lượt thích you’re right there before you ever phối foot inside. So whether you’re traveling somewhere new or scoping out hidden local gems, immersive sầu view will help you make the most informed decisions before you go.

Say you’re planning a trip to lớn London & want to lớn figure out the best sights khổng lồ see và places khổng lồ eat. With a quiông xã tìm kiếm, you can virtually soar over Westminster to lớn see the neighborhood và stunning architecture of places, lượt thích Big Ben, up cđại bại. With Google Maps’ helpful information layered on top, you can use the time slider to kiểm tra out what the area looks like at different times of day & in various weather conditions, & see where the busy spots are. Looking for a spot for lunch? Glide down to street cấp độ khổng lồ explore nearby restaurants và see helpful information, lượt thích live sầu busyness và nearby traffic. You can even look inside them to lớn quickly get a feel for the vibe of the place before you book your reservation.

The best part? Immersive view will work on just about any phone and device. It starts rolling out in Los Angeles, London, Thủ đô New York, San Francisteo and Tokyo later this year with more cities coming soon.

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An update on eco-friendly routing

In addition khổng lồ making places easier khổng lồ explore, we want to lớn help you get there more sustainably. We recently launched eco-friendly routing in the U.S. & Canadomain authority, which lets you see và choose the most fuel-efficient route when looking for driving directions — helping you save money on gas. Since then, people have used it to lớn travel 86 billion miles, saving more than an estimated half a million metric tons of carbon emissions — equivalent lớn taking 100,000 cars off the road. We’re on trachồng khổng lồ double this amount as we exp& to more places, like Europe.


Eco-friendly routing has helped save sầu more than an estimated half a million metric tons of carbon emissions

The magic of Live sầu View — now in your favorite apps

Live sầu View helps you find your way when walking around, using AR khổng lồ display helpful arrows and directions right on top of your world. It's especially helpful when navigating tricky indoor areas, like airports, malls & train stations. Thanks to lớn our AI-based technology called global localization, Google Maps can point you where you need khổng lồ go in a matter of seconds. As part of our efforts to bring the helpfulness of Google Maps to more places, we’re now making this giải pháp công nghệ available to developers at no cost with the new ARbộ vi xử lý Core Geospatial API.

Developers are already using the API khổng lồ make apps that are even more useful và provide an easy way to interact with both the digital và physical worlds at once. Shared electric vehicle company Lime is piloting the API in London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Madrid, San Diego, và Bordeaux to help riders park their e-bikes & e-scooters responsibly & out of pedestrians’ right of way. Telstra and Accenture are using it lớn help sports fans và concertgoers find their seats, concession stands & restrooms at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne. DOCOMO & Curiosity are building a new game that lets you fend off virtual dragons with robot companions in front of iconic Tokyo landmarks, like the Tokyo Tower. The new Geospatial API is available now to ARCore developers, wherever Street View is available.


AI will continue lớn play a critical role in making Google Maps the most comprehensive sầu và helpful bản đồ possible for people everywhere.