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We get questions regarding the “Impressum” often, therefore we’d like to answer the most comtháng questions here:

What is an Impressum / disambiguation to lớn privacy policy

An Impressum is essentially a statement of ownership and authorship. It was put inkhổng lồ place khổng lồ in an effort khổng lồ protect user data, combat illegal nội dung và spam by making trang web owners identify themselves, & as a result assume responsibility for the nội dung on their platkhung.Quý khách hàng đã xem: Impressum là gì

Often when talking about an Impressum, people mean the German (DACH) version of compulsory information placed on a website.

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The Impressum is legally required on all commercial websites published in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), whether the website is published via a .de top-màn chơi domain or not.

The point can be made that if you simply have a personal blog without ads and make no money from it, then the Impressum is not required.

The privacy policy và the Impressum

Often we are asked why we don’t add certain information necessary for the Impressum within our privacy policy. These are our answers:

we believe sầu an Impressum should be a standalone page containing the information regarding the Impressum, this makes it easier khổng lồ digest the information

Please remember that whether you choose khổng lồ include an Impressum in the “Website owner” field or not, the “Website owner” field must include valid identifiying information.

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Generally, an Impressum should contain the following information:

Name of the website owner (a business name is usually used here)Registered address (please note that a PO Box – Postfach – is not considered to lớn be a valid registered address as the owners can not typically be found there)Valid liên hệ information – phone number, fax or tin nhắn addressIf an activity needs official authorization, information about the supervising authorityName of the individual legal representative (typically the owner of the trang web or the person managing the site)VAT number or other equivalent state-issued numberAny additional trade registry or license numbers

Note: In the case of Germany, the Impressum is regulated inside Art. 5 TMG.

An Impressum should be:

always availableeasily recognizable (điện thoại tư vấn it “Impressum”)immediately accessible

If you choose to lớn include the Impressum information within the owner section of the privacy, you must properly liên kết khổng lồ it as “Impressum” otherwise the placement may fail to meet the “easily recognizable” and “immediately accessible” requirements. It is for this reason, again, that we believe sầu the impressum should go on its own separate page.

Impressum for Facebook Pages

Facebookoffers a way for users to add an Impressum for user-created public pages. Even though there is no uniform way Facebook page owners can use the Impressum section, they generally provide these kinds of basic information:

Name of the business or organizationAddress of the organizationContact information (e-mail, phone number, fax number etc.)Name of the owner or manager of the page and the organizationRegistration & license number(s)

To add an Impressum khổng lồ your Facebook Page:

ClickAbout (or Page Settingswith the new design) on the left side of your pageClick (Edit)Page InfoFind theImpressumsection and add your(the limit is 2,000 characters)ClickSave Changes

Your visitors will be able khổng lồ see this information when they clichồng the “About” links below your Facebook Page’s protệp tin (see examples below).

Privacy Policy for Facebook Pages

Unlike the Impressum, which in general is not a requirement for Facebook Pages, if you run your business on Facebook (even without a website), you need lớn have a privacy policy availablefor your customers lớn read. For more information:

USt-ID-Nr: DE1234567890

Tandem‘s Impressum page is a good example of longer, but well segmented information. At the time of publishing this post it looks lượt thích this:




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