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incident /"insidənt/ tính từ (+ to) vốn có, vốn nối sát với, vốn tương quan với (thiết bị lý) tớiincident ray: tia tới (pháp lý) nhờ vào vào, gắn liền với danh từ vấn đề xảy ra, việc bất ngờ xẩy ra, Việc tình cờ xảy ra câu hỏi xô xát, Việc rắc rốifrontier incident: việc vấn đề nghỉ ngơi biên giới đoạn, diễn biến (trong vnghỉ ngơi kịch, tè thuyết) bài toán phụ, câu hỏi gồm tương quan (tới một bài toán đặc biệt quan trọng không giống...) (quân sự) vụ ném nhẹm bom thành ph
liên thuộcsự cốcomputer security incident: sự gắng bình an trang bị tínhcondition incident log (CIL): bạn dạng ghi triệu chứng sự cốcondition incident log (CIL): nhật ký về tình trạng sự cốcritical incident: sự thế tới hạnincident record: bản ghi sự cốincident signal: biểu hiện sự cốtai nạnincident warning sign: tín hiệu cảnh báo tai nạnLĩnh vực: thiết bị lýcho tới (tia sáng)incident anglegóc tớiincident beamchùm tớiincident field intensitycường độ trường tớiincident lightánh sáng tớiincident particlehạt tớiincident planekhía cạnh phẳng tớiincident plane wavesóng cho tới phẳngincident powernăng suất tớiincident powernăng lượng điện năng tớiincident signalbộc lộ nhiễuincident signaltín hiệu phá rốiincident soundâm tớiincident wavesóng tớiplane of incidentkhía cạnh phẳng tới


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Từ điển Collocation

incident noun

ADJ. major, serious | little, minor, small, trivial | further After nearly falling twice, she managed to lớn make it to lớn the top of the cliff without further incident. | whole He came to regret the whole incident. | actual, real/real-life The story is based on an actual incident. | alleged | reported | recorded | latest, recent | past | bad, horrific, horrifying, nasty, terrible, ugly, unpleasant, unsavoury some of the worst incidents of urban violence | violent | fatal, tragic | dramatic | controversial | famous | regrettable, unfortunate | embarrassing | bizarre, curious, mysterious, strange, unusual | amusing | unrelated, separate The police said that two men had been arrested after the match in unrelated incidents. | isolated It is feared that the attaông chồng may not have been an isolated incident. | scattered scattered incidents of violence across the country | domestic | international | border Talks between the neighbouring countries were called off following a border incident. | racial | diplomatic An error in the translation nearly caused a diplomatic incident. | terrorist | nuclear | bomb/bombing, shooting, stabbing | pollution | off-the-ball (sport) She received a serious jaw injury in an off-the-ball incident.

VERB + INCIDENT cause, provoke | be responsible for The group is believed to lớn have been responsible for several terrorist incidents. | be involved in The hot-headed tennis star became involved in an incident with the umpire. | khuyễn mãi giảm giá with, handle The incident was extremely well handled. | avoid, prevent | regret | see, witness | rehotline, remember He recalled a similar incident 14 months earlier. | forget | describe, recount She described the incident as outrageous. They all laughed as he recounted the amusing incident. | discuss, talk about | play down the government"s desire lớn play down the incident | report The pedestrian who had nearly been run over reported the incident to the police. | investigate | be hurt in, be injured in, be killed in | pass (off) without, proceed without, take place without The demonstration passed without incident.

INCIDENT + VERB happen, occur, take place | arise (from/out of sth) incidents arising out of an industrial dispute | involve sb/sth a minor incid | cause sth, lead to sth, spark sth (off) The incident sparked off a riot which lasted three days.

INCIDENT + NOUN room An incident room was phối up at a police station near the site of the crash.

PREPhường. following an/the ~ He was asked khổng lồ leave the club following an incident at a training camp. | in an/the ~ Three soldiers were wounded in the incident. | over an/the ~ She was never disciplined over the incident. | without ~ The patrol had covered 200 miles without incident.

Từ điển WordNet


a single distinct eventa public disturbance

the police investigated an incident at the bus station


falling or striking of light rays on something

incident light

Oil và Gas Field Glossary

An unplanned sự kiện or chain of events which has, or could have sầu caused injury or illness and/or damage khổng lồ the environment, third parties or company assets.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

incidentssyn.: adventure sự kiện experience happening occurrence