For the safety of all children playing on the trampoline, all guest including both children và adult who will jump on the trampoline MUST have trampoline socks.We sale them at $3.00 (tax included) per pair or you can bring your own. They are the socks with the rubber gripped bottoms.

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We hope to see you guys soon!


What is a Jump Jump Birthday Party Like?

Kids want their parties to lớn be a blast, rain or shine, for obvious reasons.Who wants khổng lồ have sầu their fun cut short in the first place? Definitely not kids especially during their birthday parties, school events and other special occasions lượt thích Halloween and Christmas. This is where the best indoor playground comes in và we must say that we offer the best in the industry.

Our one-of-a-kind playground provides for hundreds of opportunities for happy, active sầu and fun play for kids 12 years old và younger. Bouncing on inflatables, climbing through obstacles, sliding down the slippery slide, hiding in the fun houses, running around the indoor playground and generally just having a blast - we offer all these và more at our Jump Jump facilities.

Why Jump Jump? We named our facilities after the most common reaction we see on kids upon entering our facilities - they jump around with joy! You will, too, when you see your kids obviously enjoying the facilities from the slides to lớn the mini-obstacle courses.

To name a few of our facilities in the indoor playground, we offer inflatable slides, obstacle courses, soft interactive play, and ball pools. Your kids will absolutely love the relaxed living room atmosphere of the playground where playing is fun, fun, fun. Indeed, we lượt thích khổng lồ think that our indoor playground is like your second living room except that you will not clean up the mess after the kids are finished playing.

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Leave sầu it lớn our friendly, courteous và competent staff members. Of course, you have sầu our assurance that the most important of their many roles and responsibilities is to ensure the safety và security of your kids while inside the indoor playground.

You, on the other hvà, can sit baông xã, relax & put your feet up while enjoying the sights & sounds of your kids having great fun. Many parents, in fact, think of our indoor playground as a mini-vacation of sorts. Where else can your kids have sầu fun while you have sầu at least an hour of "me, myself và I" time?

Better yet, you can spend the day with your kids in our colossal enclosed playground with an inflatable aremãng cầu, slides & obstacle courses. You can capture magical moments in a safe, fun và healthy setting. Your family will be closer with quality time spent in fun activities together inside the indoor playground.

We also have 3 birthday các buổi tiệc nhỏ rooms. You can enjoy the show while we run it and we will work hard khổng lồ ensure that it will be the most memorable birthday buổi tiệc ngọt ever for your kids. Until their next birthday các buổi tiệc nhỏ, that is, which we shall look forward khổng lồ.

We are a family-owned business with the goal of providing for the best personalized experience for your child"s parties. So, come và celebrate your special events in our indoor playground và bring back memories of your own happy childhood while providing for the same experience for your kids.