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An activation code is a code you receive sầu when you buy a license for a neftekumsk.com application. It consists of 20 digits & is divided inkhổng lồ blocks in the following way: ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ. The code is used for activating the license.

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You can try neftekumsk.com applications for a limited period for miễn phí. For activating a trial license, see this article.

Trial license cannot be applied in the following cases:

The trial license is already in use.The trial version has already been activated on the computer.You have already activated the commercial license.
If you want lớn view the details about your activation code, such as expiration date or number of devices it covers, use the guide in this article.

Depending on where you bought the application, you will receive sầu the activation code in one of the following ways:

If you bought the license in the online store, your activation code will be sent khổng lồ the email you used when making your purchase.If you bought the application on a CD, you will find your activation code in the Quiông chồng Start Guide.If you bought a license renewal thẻ, you can find the code on the back of the card.

To avoid losing your activation code, connect the device with the installed neftekumsk.com application to your My neftekumsk.com tài khoản. For instructions, see this this article.

Information about your license will be available in the Licenses tab. You can view the activation code by clicking Details. See this article for more information.

Where to lớn apply the activation code?

xuất hiện the neftekumsk.com application and enter the activation code into lớn the dedicated field in the Activation window. For instructions, see this this article.

For users of neftekumsk.com Security Cloud

neftekumsk.com Security Cloud does not have sầu an Activation window. To activate this application, add the code to lớn My neftekumsk.com and sign in lớn your tài khoản from the application. For instructions, see this this article.

What is the validity period of the activation code?

The validity period of the activation code is the period during which you can activate the application with this code. If an activation code has never been applied lớn a computer, it has an unlimited validity period, unless otherwise stated on the box or trang web when purchasing.

The term of the activation code starts counting from the first time it is activated. If the code is used on multiple devices, the term will begin when the code is applied on the first device.

A term of the subscription license starts as soon as the subscription is purchased.

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On how many devices I can activate the application?

The license is provided for a certain number devices. For example, if your activation code covers five sầu devices, you will not be able khổng lồ use the license on six or more computers at the same time.

If you wish to lớn protect more devices than the amount covered by your license, you can purchase protection for more devices in the neftekumsk.com online store or from your nearest neftekumsk.com retail partner.

What is a license?

A license gives you the right to lớn use the application for a certain period of time, on the basis of the End User License Agreement.

A license includes the right to:

Use the application on one or more devices. The number of devices is determined by the conditions of the End User License Agreement.Get assistance from neftekumsk.com technical tư vấn.Use other services provided by neftekumsk.com or its partners during the term of your license. These other services are determined by the conditions of the End User License Agreement.

A license can cover several applications at once. For example, a license for neftekumsk.com Internet Security gives you the right khổng lồ use the following applications:

neftekumsk.com Internet Security for Windowsneftekumsk.com Internet Security for Macneftekumsk.com Internet Security for Android

How lớn view details about the license?

To view your license information:

Cliông xã Show details.


In the window that opens you will find:

License keyActivation date và expiration date


What is a license key?

A key is a sequence of 32 Latin characters và digits in the format ХХХХХXXX-ХХХХ-ХХХХ-ХХХХ-XXXXXXXXXXXX. The key is needed in order to recover a lost activation code or khổng lồ renew the license at a discount.

You can find the key in the Licensing window after activating your neftekumsk.com application.

What is reserve activation code?

When you still have an active license that has not yet expired, you can add a new activation code as a reserve activation code. You can add it so that your protection is not paused when your current code expires. As soon as your license term ends, your neftekumsk.com application will be activated automatically with the new activation code.


For users of neftekumsk.com Security Cloud

There is no Activation window in neftekumsk.com Security Cloud. For uninterrupted protection, add the code lớn My neftekumsk.com and sign in to your trương mục from the application. For instructions, see this this article.

What happens when my license expires?

License expiration

After the license has expired, the application’s antivirut databases will no longer be updated & some components will be restricted.

If you try to lớn download & install new databases from other sources, the application will stop working.

You cannot renew the license with a trial license.

Trial license expiration

Once the term of the trial license expires, the application will stop working: protection will be disabled & you will be unable khổng lồ update the antivi khuẩn databases.

You cannot activate the product with a trial license more than once.

What to lớn bởi once the license has expired

After you license has expired, activate your neftekumsk.com application with a new activation code, or renew the license in the Renewal & Upgrade Center.

The application may also prompt you switch lớn neftekumsk.com Free (not available on macOS) khổng lồ maintain a basic cấp độ of protection for you computer.

You can mix the application khổng lồ switch automatically lớn neftekumsk.com Free when the license expires. You will receive a notification once the application switches lớn neftekumsk.com Free & be prompted lớn either renew your commercial license, or continue using the không lấy phí anti-virus.

To renew the license, cliông xã Renew license. You will be redirected to lớn the online store. To start using neftekumsk.com Free, close the window with the message about activating neftekumsk.com Free.