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I have sầu checked the task manager startup tab and verified nothing abnormal is loading, I even downloaded Autoruns from Sysinternals & went over everything & nothing appears out of place. I know that these are part of the Codecs package I use (Shark007) and I updated to the latest version, & the issue still exists. Clicking on the inhỏ opens the program up và there is an option "Enable System Tray Icon" which on all 4 I have disabled but it still shows up. Anyone have sầu any ideas what could be loading these at startup & why they will not close when the truyền thông player closes?


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theefool 18


I did bởi this, however the issue has since resolved itself.

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3 hours ago, theefool said:

Did you install both the 32 và 64 bit version of the codec? (This probably does not matter...)

Do you see any running processes that relate to this?

I have sầu both installed, never see any process related khổng lồ the filters. But now the icons only show up with Jetaudio running.

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neftekumsk.comian Senior

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xbliss 0

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Posted May 1, 20trăng tròn

Had this happen lớn me & I was wondering how these Icons showed up.

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K-lite Codec - Standard install with MPC HC x64 - When run the truyền thông player the icons showed up. But not everytime - so maybe has lớn bởi vì with certain files encoded with certain codecs that make it show up when played.

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I suddenly have sầu icons in the task tray that will not go away





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