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When attempting khổng lồ launch AutoCAD, the program crashes & a Fatal Error message appears similar khổng lồ the following:
Each numerical phối of values may bedifferent within the message.


This error is commonly caused when: LAN settings are incorrect. Windows or AutoCAD updates haven"t been installed. AutoCAD drawing files are damaged. Invalidaccess permissions lớn AutoCAD files và folders. AutoCAD settings require reconfiguration. Third-buổi tiệc ngọt software conflicts with AutoCAD. Graphics card đoạn phim drivers require updates. Windows settings require configuration. AutoCAD isimproperly installed. Corrupt AutoCAD protệp tin. Corrupted installation. Corrupted Windows operating system. Translation issue with older material in the layouts.


Try the following solutions to resolve sầu this behavior. Test AutoCAD after each.

Install the lachạy thử updates forAutoCAD

Install the lakiểm tra AutoCAD updates. Downloads are available in the neftekumsk.com Account in the Product Updates section.Note: For versions 2018, make sure lớn install also theneftekumsk.com License Service (x64) - 5.1.5 Hotfix.

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Install the latest Windows updates

Make sure your version of Windows has all the available updates provided by Microsoft.

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Update the graphics cards drivers and configure your graphics settings

Chechồng neftekumsk.com Certified Graphics Hardware to lớn see if the current đoạn Clip thẻ installed in the machine is listed there. If it is, install the video drivers mentioned in the danh sách, otherwise try installing the lademo graphics driver available from the specific thẻ manufacturer"s website. If you are using a laptop with dual graphics thẻ, make sure lớn configure the software khổng lồ use the high performance graphics thẻ. See How to lớn configure neftekumsk.com software to use high performance graphics.

Update Microsoft .NET Framework

Cheông chồng the Microsoft .NET Framework Download Page for the lachạy thử recommended version.Download & install it lớn see if it helps with the crashing.

Installthe neftekumsk.com License Hotfix (versions 2014/2015)

Install theneftekumsk.com Licensing Hotfix - POODLE SSL v3 vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566)lớn potentially resolve any errors when launching.

Confirm that the LAN và firewall settings are correct

Go to the Windows Control Panel & tìm kiếm for
"Internet Options." Select the "Connections tab." Clichồng "LAN Settings." Deselect all options. Go toWindows Firewall.

Reset AutoCAD khổng lồ default

Use the following guide to lớn reset AutoCAD khổng lồ default settings: How lớn reset AutoCAD lớn defaults If the problem persists, continue khổng lồ troubleshoot using the solutions in AutoCAD randomly crashes or freezes. Perkhung a Clean Uninstallkhổng lồ resolve an improper or corrupted installation. Windows Event Viewer Look for .dll file failure and consider repairing/reinstall each Note :- If the above steps doesn"t work out it may be due khổng lồ Windows operating system being corrupt & requires reimage of the windows OS.