Summary: Does the “Windows Media Player encountered a problem” error message pop up when you try lớn play a video clip tệp tin on your computer? The software might be missing some codecs needed khổng lồ play that video tệp tin type. Learn the effective sầu measures to lớn deal with WMPhường error encountered due khổng lồ several reasons in this article.

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‘My Windows Media Player throws error – ‘encountered a problem while playing the file’, on every đoạn Clip tệp tin I try to lớn play on it. The files are on the local hard drive và I am using Windows 10. How can I play my videos on WMP?’

The Windows Media Player (WMP) error that prevents you lớn play videos in the app usually occurs due to unsupported Clip codecs. Although, there may be other reasons as well, such as incomplete download/ transfer of video clip tệp tin, vi khuẩn infection or video clip corruption.

So whenever you see the error message – ‘Windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file’, first answer the following questions;

Does the WMP.. error appear only with certain types of đoạn phim files? If yes, then there is a format and codec compatibility issue.Were you able khổng lồ play these video clip files previously on Windows Media Player and the problem has only surfaced recently? If yes, it’s probably due lớn any update or new software installed on your Windows PC.Are your videos not playing on other truyền thông media players as well? If yes, chances are your video clip files have sầu been corrupted.

Answering these questions will help you lớn understvà the cause và find the probable fix for the Windows Media Player error:

How khổng lồ Fix Error – Windows Media Player Encountered a Problem While Playing the File

Depending on your case, you may try any of the below methods khổng lồ fix the Windows Media Player error:

Play videos on other truyền thông media playersConvert the Clip tệp tin to a different formatUpdate Windows Media PlayerInstall Windows Media Player CodecsTroubleshoot through Windows Media Player SettingsPerform System Restore on WindowsRepair corrupt videos by using a professional Video repair softwareRepair corrupt video clip with VLC Media Player

1. Play videos on another truyền thông player

You can use other truyền thông players such as VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, RealPlayer, etc. lớn play your video. Although, this is just an alternative solution that doesn’t fix your Windows Media Player error problem.

2. Convert video tệp tin to different format

If Windows Media Player is unable to lớn play videos of any specific format, it shows the error ‘Windows Media Player encountered a problem’ due to the incompatible file format.

So, you have the option to convert the video clip file to another format by using online Clip file converter tools. You may convert them to lớn MP4, WMV, MOV, or other WMPhường compatible tệp tin formats.

3. Update Windows Media Player

Windows software updates fix bugs, if any and ensure that you are using the lakiểm tra version of Windows Media Player on your computer. Windows 10, 8.1, & 7 use Windows Media Player 12.

Visit Microsoft download site và update khổng lồ the lakiểm tra Windows Media Player.

4. Install Windows Media Player Codecs

If you’re able lớn play videos on other media players except Windows Media Player on your computer, the problem is probably due khổng lồ absence of Clip codecs. Supporting codecs are necessary to lớn compress & decompress a Clip in a media player. Thus, install a Windows Media Player Codec on your PC by following the below steps. Next, try to play the videos. This should ideally resolve sầu the problem.

Steps to install Windows Media Player Codecs:

Open Windows Media Player và go khổng lồ Tools > Options


Cliông xã on the Player tab.If you are using Windows Media Player 12, under the Player tab, in Automatic updates, select the checkbox ‘Once a day’ or ‘Once a week’ as desired and clichồng OK. This automatically installs Windows Media Player codecs, when available.


. Get a Codec Paông xã for Windows

You can also download a codec paông chồng from Internet. A codec paông xã helps to play most of the standard video clip tệp tin formats on any media player. Some popular đoạn phim codec packs are K-Lite Codec Pack, Shark007X Codec Paông xã, X Codec Pack, etc.

5. Troubleshoot through Windows Media Player Settings

Windows Media Player settings contain an option lớn troubleshoot problems related lớn the application.

You may try WMPhường troubleshooter to lớn fix the error – ‘Windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file’.

Steps lớn fix WMP. error using Windows Media Player Settings:

Press Windows+R key to lớn open Run dialog box.Type ‘msdt.exe pháo -id WindowsMediaPlayerConfigurationDiagnostic’. Press Enter lớn open Windows Media Player Settings box.Cliông chồng Advanced.


Select Run as administratoroption.Click Next.Click Apply this Fix.


Wait till the process ends. Restart your computer và then play videos in Windows Media Player.

6. Persize System Restore on Windows

Have sầu you recently installed an app on your PC?

Did your PC start facing the Windows Media Player error after installing a particular app?

If earlier, your videos were playing perfectly in the player, bring your Windows PC to a previous restore point.

Windows System Restore helps you khổng lồ return Windows khổng lồ a previous working state. Moreover, this method doesn’t affect data on the system.

Steps to lớn System Restore on Windows:

Press Win+ R key. Click Run.

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Type ‘rstrui’ in the xuất hiện text box.Cliông xã OK.


In the system restore window, click Next.


Select a restore point from the danh sách. Cliông xã NextandFinish.Restart your computer.

Once the system has been restored, the videos should play fine in the Windows Media Player.

7. Repair corrupt videos by using a professional đoạn Clip repair software

When none of the above methods lớn fix the Windows Media Player error work, chances are that your Clip file/s may be corrupt.

Any type of đoạn phim file corruption, however, can be tackled with the help of a video repair software — Stellar Repair for Video. It can repair Clip files of popular formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, ASF, MKV, MPEG, etc.

Steps to repair corrupt videos not playing on Windows Media Player

Download Stellar Repair for Video on your PC.


Cliông xã on Add file. You can add multiple videos of various formats.Select Repair.


Preview & Save the repaired video at your desired location.

Watch the Clip here to lớn know how to repair corrupt Clip files by using Stellar Repair for Video software.

8. Repair corrupt đoạn Clip with VLC Media Player

Minor đoạn Clip corruption issues can also be dealt by VLC Media Player. To do so, convert your video clip file lớn an AVI format và follow the below steps.

Steps to repair corrupt videos with VLC Player:

Open the corrupt đoạn Clip in VLC Player.Go khổng lồ Tools > Preference > Input & Codecs.Across Damaged or incomplete AVI tệp tin, select the Always fix option from the drop-down.


Clichồng Save sầu.

Now, play the saved đoạn Clip in Windows Media Player.


Conventional measures such as downloading đoạn Clip codec packs, converting lớn a compatible video clip format or updating Windows Media Player have helped the users khổng lồ fix the error – ‘Windows truyền thông player encountered a problem while playing the file’.

If the issue is with Windows Media Player or due to any third-tiệc nhỏ software installed on your computer, you can troubleshoot through Windows Media Player Settings or run a System Restore khổng lồ the previous settings.

In case, these methods don’t work, chances are that your videos may be corrupt. Use a video clip repair tool such as Stellar Repair for Video to fix any type of đoạn phim corruption. You can repair multiple videos at once & play them in pristine size again on any media player, including Windows Media Player.

The software is also available for free trial. Try it here & see your repaired videos.