Gta: San Andreas

I was 14 when I first played this game. I am now 30, & I am still enjoying it. It was one of the first games I downloaded on my new Xbox Series S, & it will also find its way into lớn my PlayStation 5 when I get it. I will die playing this game

Disclaimer: Please consider this article a standing ovation lớn Rockstar’s masterpiece. The bestselling title of the bestselling console of all time. GTA: San Andreas lives on nearly two decades later & plays even better on modern devices.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released at a time when I was on the verge of learning English at school. My fluency was improving và I was planning lớn choose to study languages. This game is the reason why I unknowingly switch lớn African-American vernacular in my conversations nearly two decades later; it is also the catalyst that strengthened my love sầu for hip hop culture.

Rockstar’s legendary GTA series has been a literal “game-changer” in the world of gaming. The series spearheaded open-world action games that we are showered with these days. Nevertheless, not many of them are as good as the GTA series, bar the newly released Cyberpunk 2077, and even that doesn't offer as many leisurely real-life activities as the GTA series does.

GTA is lượt thích life itself. You hop in a car, watch a movie at the cinema, grab a bite afterward, rest at your multimillion-dollar Los Angeles residence... what a life, right?

Many of these in-game activities were introduced by the one & only GTA: San Andreas, which gave us the opportunity lớn indulge in real-life things, blurring the lines between game và reality.

The official San Andreas Tourist Board bản đồ. (Courtesy of Rockstar Games)

Revisiting the legkết thúc, again and again

The best way khổng lồ thử nghiệm out a game's transcendence is to play it again & again, on every platkhung you can think of. I cannot count how many times I did this; whenever I get a new gadget that is capable of running GTA: San Andreas, I install the game on it. Be it an iPhone, a new laptop, a MacBook, a new console, you name it.

Its very presence makes me feel peaceful as if Ganton – the GTA universe equivalent of the Los Angeles neighborhood Compton, which is the birthplace of hip hop culture – is my comfort zone.

The game has created its own culture và has become the digital embodiment of everything life offers: happiness, sorrow, conflict, betrayal, friendship, being a family, caring for loved ones. There are so many expressions in the game that can change your perception of the world and of life:

“Just looking out for you, homie, it’s all show & respect, you know.”

“Everybody blasts on fools first, then asks questions second.”

“Like it says in the book ... We are both blessed & cursed.”

“A man can’t survive sầu on bread alone, I know, I tried that s**t,” & many more.

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You might not like if...

My positive sầu bias toward this game clouds my judgment and makes me overlook the fact that it has not so gracefully aged, with its graphics & gameplay feeling a little bit primitive for the uninitiated & unwistful. Likewise, if you bởi vì not have sầu a strong sense of nostalgia, a gaming purist or this is your first experience of a game of the past, you'll likely be too spoilt khổng lồ enjoy it. I, for one, have sầu grown so accustomed to lớn its gameplay mechanics that I never feel anything that bothers me. Yet, I would enjoy a modern remake of this game.

You can still have an absolute blast playing this game thanks lớn the advancements in giải pháp công nghệ và the gaming realm. Though the PC side was a little problematic when I last checked it as it had a weird glitch that caused the cars khổng lồ shake while driving, due to optimization problems caused by the new hardware. But the console side still shines; all last-gen consoles and new ones handle the game with ease & grace. And the game also plays flawlessly on iPhones and iPads, & it also works well on modern Android devices too.

Hidden gems

Considering the gamepad tư vấn every single Smartphone device has these days, there is no real reason not to play it, though. Connect an Xbox or a PlayStation controller lớn your gadget, và start hanging around in the beautiful cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, the GTA universe equivalents of Los Angeles, San Francisteo và Las Vegas, respectively. In addition to these three big cities, you have sầu the “Badlands,” the rural areas, the mighty Mount Chiliad, & countless Easter eggs scattered around the fictional state of San Andreas, which is a reference to lớn the namesake fault line in California.

GTA: SA is also famous for its captivating plot, which makes the player have sầu a rush of emotions through its many hours of gameplay. It has numerous side missions, và there is much lớn vày around San Andreas. You can trade, be a cop, help the needy by being an ambulance driver, get inlớn races, perfect your helicopter or plane skills at training centers, get ripped at the thể hình as “If you don't respect your body toàn thân, ain't notoàn thân gonna respect you!” – another life lesson given by the Sweet, the older brother of the game's protagonist Carl Johnson, that I, myself, need to lớn hail too.

From the betrayal of the notorious Big Smoke and Ryder the corrupt cop Tenpenny; from ethnic tensions khổng lồ the life in ghettos; from the evils of big government to the struggle of hippies; from hip-hop culture lớn the casinos, GTA: San Andreas, in many ways, is exactly the life itself.

I will continue playing this game as much as I can, & I’ll make sure my kids appreciate its beauty too. Ignore comments such as "Are you still playing that old game?” Yes, it is a 16-year-old game, but it's not outdated. The 16-year-old inside me never gets enough of it anyway.