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The best MMO games are upon us and this will các mục the top games of 2017. A good MMO can be pretty memorable khổng lồ gamers và bring in a lot of traffic. Enjoying a good MMO with friends online can be very exciting because going on adventures alone isn"t as fun. Let"s see exactly what MMO you might want to check out this year.

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Dark & Light

Available on Steam

Dark and Light is a survival fantasy game that gives players control over magical energy through the planet Gaia. Landscapes are crawling with creatures, và players will have sầu to lớn fight to survive. You will have sầu khổng lồ build your own s& bases while exploring the world. The further you travel, players unloông xã more areas to lớn build your base.


Valnir Rok

Available on Steam

This online sandbox survival game takes players lớn Valnir Islvà, where they will have sầu to lớn survive wild animals, beasts, and dangerous men. Valnir Rokis inspired my Norse mythology. It’s an open-world adventure that allows players to trade, find jobs, craft tools, và find recipes while exploring deserted villages. You can build houses or villages to lớn defover your territory from other players. Valnir Rok lets you battle against other enemies và place bounties on their heads. This is a true Vikings tale.


Ashes of Creation

Available on

Intrepid Studtiện ích ios brings this open-world, non-faction-based MMORPG where players" actions và decisions matter -- the players" world changes because of their actions. Choose your class, race, and gear through character customization. Control how your the civilization evolves. Whatever the player does in the game makes history throughout the story.


Wild West Online

Available on

612 Games brings you a Wild West action MMO where you are miễn phí to lớn explore the l& và gather resources. You can be a nhân vật or villain your actions decide your fate. Enjoy the day & night cycle while exploring the lvà for Saloons. Drinking whisky can heal you but not too much. Players can purchase weapons from the Gunsmith and new outfits from the Tailors located throughout the world.


Revelation Online

Available on

This is a beautiful MMO in which players can embark on many adventures và use PvP.. mode to play against other players. The vibrant atmosphere consists of cliffs, forests, và mountains available for players lớn freely explore.

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Fight through dungeons with up to lớn 5-10 friends to lớn overcome obstacles. Play quests khổng lồ unloông chồng mysterious artifacts. There’s chất lượng classes và spells khổng lồ learn. Form relationships with your soulmate or provoke battles with your enemies. Revelation Onlinebrings a wide range of social interactions. Fight together with your friends lớn rule the world.

Final Fantasy XIV: StormbloodAvailable on: Square Enix Online Store

Square Enix released this MMO adventure about conflict between man and rồng. You must follow the Warrior of Light and his comrades who want khổng lồ save Ala Mhigo. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormbloodlets you travel east to lớn defeat Garlemald.New challenges are brought about in this adventure. There are Eight-man raids, và this second expansion brings good nội dung & new creatures that stand in your way to victory.

Worlds Adrift

Available on Steam

Bossa Studgame ios brings Worlds Adrift, an MMO that allows players to lớn build ships & customize them how they want with resources they find in the world. Designing the ship is very important because it affects how it holds up In battle. Get crews together to lớn help explore and build ships. Join alliances to lớn attachồng và defkết thúc the world. It’s all up to the player and how they choose lớn go about their journey. Befriend allies khổng lồ help you drift from different islands in a continuously evolving world.


Available on

Identity is a multiplayer RPG about discovering your fate & the world around you. It"s a game like The Sims, but you get in-depth play of the character. Players can be a criminal, police officer, or businessperson. You can also interact with players from all over the world.

There are so many things to lớn vày in this game. You can buy houses or live sầu in apartments with other players. You"ll have sầu full control over furnishing your home page. Get jobs and start careers the more you rank in progression. Perks & other special characters are unlocked as well. This huge open-world adventure brings real-world features và other players khổng lồ create a simulated life experience.


The best MMOs are always out there every year. This was a roundup of only a few of the best from 2017. What are your favorite MMO games from this year?

Published Dec. 11th 2017

Lauren Harris


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