observe observe sầu (əb-zûrvʹ) verbobserved, observing, observesverb, transitive1. To be or become aware of, especially through careful and directed attention; notice. 2. To watch attentively: observe a child"s behavior. 3. To make a systematic or scientific observation of: observe the orbit of the moon. 4. To say casually; remark. 5. To adhere khổng lồ or abide by: observe sầu the terms of a contract. 6. To keep or celebrate (a holiday, for example): observe an anniversary. verb, intransitive1. To take notice. 2. To say something; make a comment or remark. 3. To watch or be present without participating actively: We were invited lớn the conference solely lớn observe. observʹingly adverbSynonyms: observe, keep, celebrate, commemorate, solemnize. These verbs are compared as they mean to lớn give sầu proper heed to lớn or show proper reverence for something, such as a rule, custom, or holiday. Observe stresses respectful adherence, as to law or tradition, often in the khung of compliance with prescribed rites: observe sầu the tốc độ limit; observe the Sabbath. Keep contrasts with break and violate; it implies actions such as the discharge of a duty or the fulfillment of a promise: He said he would help, and he kept his word. Celebrate in this comparison emphasizes observance in the khung of rejoicing or festivity: We are planning a surprise party khổng lồ celebrate her birthday. To commemorate is lớn honor the memory of a past event; solemnize implies dignity và gravity in the celebration of an occasion: "Itought to lớn be commemorated as the day of deliverance . . . It ought khổng lồ be solemnized with pomp & parade . . . from one end of this continent to lớn the other, from this time forward forevermore" (John Adams). See also synonyms at see1.

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observeobserve(v) detect, perceive sầu, witness, see, spot, note, discern, noticeantonym: misswatch, view, scrutinize, monitor, study, examine, surveyantonym: ignoreremark, bình luận, say, declare, state, opine (formal), reflect abide by, respect, follow, comply with, heed, consize to, keep, adhere to lớn, performantonym: violatecelebrate, keep, remember, take part in, performantonym: break