Of which / of whom / whose

To give sầu additional information about entities or people we use of which or of whom along with a group of other words.

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Of Which vs Of Whom

1. We can use a non-defining relative sầu clause with "of which" & "of whom" after quantifiers:
All, both, each, many, most, neither, none, part, some...For Example:Adam has two brothers. Both of them work as an engineer. Adam has two brothers, both of whom work as an engineer.Brad has very nice neighbors. I like all of them very much. Brad has very nice neighbors, all of whom I lượt thích very much.My mother invited many relatives lớn my birthday. Only a few of them showed up. My mother invited many relatives to my birthday, only a few of whom showed up.I talked lớn an old friend of mine last night. Some of her remarks offended me. I talked lớn an old friover of mine last night, some of whose remarks offended me.2. After a number(one,two etc.; the first, the second etc.; half, a third etc.)I want to be flatmate with my friend Daniel. One of his biggest interests is playing basketball.

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1 want to be flatmate with my friend Daniel, one of whose biggest interests is playing basketball.There are many books in our school library. I"m quite interested in two of them. There are many books in our school library, two of which I"m quite interested in.3. After superlatives (the best, the biggest etc.) Yesterday, my frikết thúc and I caught a lot of fish. The biggest of them was trăng tròn pounds.Yesterday, my friend và I caught a lot of fish, the biggest of which was đôi mươi pounds.I met with many beautiful girls at the tiệc ngọt last night. The most beautiful of them was Nora.I met with many beautiful girls at the tiệc nhỏ last night, the most beautiful of whom was Nora.

Of Which vs Whose

We can use “of which” instead of “whose” for the objects but “of which” is used in non-defining relative clauses.This is the machine. I described its properties.This is the machine whose properties I described.This is the machine, the properties of which I described.I stayed at a good hotel. It’s facilities are fabulous.I stayed at a good khách sạn whose facilities are fabulous.I stayed at a good khách sạn the facilities of which are fabulous.
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