The Best Heroes To Dominate The Offlane In Patch 7

With the metagame shifting towards a style that favours more lategame carries, the offlane has adapted to punish these greedier safelane choices.

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The best offlane & support heroes of the patch can apply tremendous pressure against the relatively weaker safelane duos which we’ve sầu been seeing recently. The approach which has been seeing the most success features offlaners who offer fantastic utility, lots of itemization flexibility for the core threats in each individual game, and a svào laning phase. This frequently leaves the tư vấn as the primary initiator for the team, which has caused a shift towards gankers và Bliên kết Dagger building initiators from the four tư vấn position. Here we’ll explore some fantastic anh hùng options for offlane and tư vấn players to lớn take inkhổng lồ their pubs successfully.

Underlord has been blowing up completely across the professional & pub scene, since his rework lớn Atrophy Aura, which eliminated the permanent damage component. While people initially thought this was a nerf, Underlord’s winrate has increased since the changes that came along with that rework. This anh hùng has always been one of the highest win rate heroes for pubs thanks lớn his simple execution & propensity lớn force his team khổng lồ group up và take objectives. Incredibly, Underlord currently has a favourable winrate against the entire Dota cast.Furthermore, Underlord’s ultimate allows you to lớn apply chip damage to lớn structures with the ability to pull your whole team out instantaneously if things start looking bad. Couple that with the fact that this anh hùng loves building utility team items & always gets farm, và your teamfight will suddenly look significantly more impressive sầu than your opponents’. Underlord is the ultimate team player, và thanks to lớn his obscene attack damage and the ability khổng lồ safely clear waves with Fire Storm, he frequently comes out on top of the laning phase. This nhân vật excels at compounding upon small advantages out of the laning phase, so he can clear down objectives and over the game with superior team items. Just ensure that you have sầu initiation from someone else on your team, as sometimes Underlord teams struggle to lớn find favourable initiations in games where things aren’t going according lớn plan.

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Doom skyrocketed in piông chồng và winrate after the recent 7.27b patch which gave sầu hlặng a few beneficial changes, most notably getting the infamous +1 armour buff which particularly helps in the early game. More importantly, however, is that Doom fits in much better in a slower metagame, where his laning opponent will be something like a Spectre, instead of the Ursas of last patch. Doom has a great laning phase based on the sustain provided from Devour, & most heroes are forced to lớn retreat và concede a wave of creeps every time Doom uses Scorched Earth. Most carries have sầu to simply flee the lane or feed the moment Doom hits cấp độ six, & he can use this early threat khổng lồ force down towers & amass some excellent early game chasing items like Phase Boots & Drums of Endurance. Some players have been doubling down on Doom’s bonus gold from Devour và purchasing a Hand of Midas, on the assumption that games will be going later in this patch anyway, giving time for the investment to lớn pay off. Thanks to lớn his general effectiveness in this patch, as well as the extensive sustain provided by Devour, some teams have sầu even run Doom out of the middle lane recently. Overall, Doom is a Boss in Patch 7.27c và will cause major problems for hard carries and mobility heroes in games against hyên.

Venomancer had the healing reduction component of Poison Sting removed in patch 7.27b, but received some damage buffs lớn trang điểm for it. This anh hùng has always been extremely frustrating khổng lồ lane against for most opponents, but this metagame, revolving around taking the game later, has created an environment where Venomancer offlane can shine. Simply put, Venomancer has an extremely favourable lane matchup against all the top tier lategame carries that are being picked in this patch. As this nhân vật wins his lane so incredibly hard, he’s frequently able lớn force down the safelane tower before ten minutes, restricting the enemy carry’s accessible jungle camps, và enabling the Venomancer to lớn move to another lane và start threatening that tower. To maximize his pushing và farming capabilities, offlaners are maxing Plague Wards by cấp độ seven and sending multiple Clarities lớn help sustain spamming the skill off cooldown.

Clockwerk has been a favourite of tư vấn players for a couple of patches now và remains a top tier pichồng because of the impact it brings to the game with just minimal items. From the start of the laning phase, Clockwerk can gather a massive sầu advantage by blocking in his creeps with Power Cogs, ensuring that his team begins the lane with creep equilibrium safely in front of his tier one tower. This move should secure a couple of levels khổng lồ start the lane, which Clockwerk can use khổng lồ apply major kill threat khổng lồ any enemy hero venturing too far from a creepwave. Due lớn his excellent isolated damage và control, Clockwerk players have sầu the option of ganking the middle lane before his level six, as long as the enemy doesn’t have a good way of escaping Cogs. After you get your ultimate, Clockwerk thrives off running around the maps & setting up easy kills on immobile opponents, often having enough damage through Battery Assault lớn secure the kill on his own. The major advantage of Clockwerk throughout the game is that he provides a guaranteed initiator from the tư vấn position, ensuring you’ll always have sầu a way lớn start fights. You’ll never be stuck waiting for another Blink Dagger before fighting because Hookshot is always ready to lớn make plays.

Tiny is perhaps the biggest winner of patch 7.27b, bursting from seemingly zero play up lớn the most picked nhân vật in pro-level pubs overnight. This anh hùng is an incredibly versatile ganking machine, và Tiny combos will always be a huge threat for squishy heroes throughout the game. Support Tiny particularly got better thanks khổng lồ the cooldown reduction to Toss, particularly during the early game. This change allows Tiny to land successive toss backs during a gank, và greatly increases his impact from the tư vấn position, when compared khổng lồ previous patches. Though we’ve sầu been seeing it primarily played as a tư vấn, with a skill build focused around Toss & Avalanche, some players are still sending Tiny middle for faster levels khổng lồ create a huge ganking threat for the sidelanes. Pros are taking full advantage of this hero’s newfound power, often going for of an early Drums of Endurance or Emang đến Saber to add attack tốc độ khổng lồ Tiny’s already massive attaông xã damage.
After changes lớn the hits required to lớn kill his ultimate Supernova, Phoenix has soared bachồng khổng lồ popularity, seeing major success in both the four & five roles. Phoenix’s ultimate is now more survivable in the early game, further ensuring that you’re able to lớn lvà the stun and rebirth successfully. Perhaps his most impactful spell however is Sun Ray, which professional Phoenix players make extensive use of khổng lồ sustain pushes and secure kills from a safe distance. This hero’s ability lớn scale with levels alone make hyên a great candidate for Hand of Midas which is extremely popular right now. Additionally, because you’re largely playing around your spells, there is a huge amount of flexibility in the effective cống phẩm builds you can make on this anh hùng. Another excellent và chất lượng choice is Meteor Hammer, which has been starting khổng lồ see more play since it’s stats were changed. Pheonix can cast Meteor Hammer while mid-flight in an Icarus Dive sầu, allowing you to lớn siege towers with it from complete safety. Keep in mind, when you have sầu a Phoenix on your team, the value of Treant Protector as the other tư vấn rises significantly, as he can almost guarantee a successful Supernova if he uses Overgrowth khổng lồ protect it.By pairing the patch’s strongest utility offlaners with initiation from the tư vấn position, you should be well on your way khổng lồ dominating the offlane in your pubs!

What other heroes have you found success with in the three và four positions?

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