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‘Thames Water says there might be a hosepipe ban on tài khoản of there not being enough rain over the winter.’‘I yelled after them, but they didn"t hear me on tài khoản of already being fifty metres away.’‘As a result of this, I have not been able to take any time off on tài khoản of not feeling well.’‘But that cannot be decided by us on trương mục of what we read in the press, only by the inquiry.’‘Except it wasn"t running on Monday lunchtime, on account of all the people in the way.’‘Bangalore is just one city, which on trương mục of its IT bigwigs, is in the limelight.’‘While the film has been canned, its release has been delayed on tài khoản of the Cricket World Cup.’‘Even if this perceptiojn is distorted, it should be no surprise that prices have sầu risen on trương mục of the changeover.’‘Well, if I pass away tonight, it will probably be on tài khoản of overwork & not as a result of hunger.’‘I threw a load of shirts out some years ago, on tài khoản of them being never worn & almost irrevocably corrupted by dust.’‘We had decided khổng lồ go down the river first, on account of car parking.’‘There is a huge loss of livestock on account of shortage of fodder & water.’‘Sports cars have sầu been called selfish cars on trương mục of the fact you don"t have khổng lồ give sầu anyone a lift but one cupholder was a bit much!’‘Traffic accidents continue to clayên ổn a large number of lives on trương mục of several factors.’‘Medical services in any ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá place should not be denied lớn anyone on account of inability khổng lồ pay.’‘Then a friover of mine has been having a pretty rough period on trương mục of his brother"s illness.’‘The need for the Thames Estuary sea forts arose in the last war on trương mục of the mining of our waters with magnetic mines.’‘Today I heard that the woman in question lost her job at the bank on trương mục of those pictures!’‘This has happened mainly on tài khoản of losing the ability to live sầu with differences.’