Use A Passcode With Your Iphone, Ipad, Or Ipod Touch

If you"re completely locked out of your iPhone there are a few ways to gain access once again, such as by using PassFab"s iPhone Unlocker.

Users of the iPhone & Máy tính bảng iPad will be familiar with the unlocking process of their devices. Typically, it involves using Touch ID or Face ID, or failing those, entering in a passcode lớn your device.

However, while this is quite a thorough security system, there are situations where you simply cannot gain access to lớn your locked iPhone.

If you have recently changed it và have sầu simply forgotten the code, you might be able to lớn use cảm ứng ID or Face ID khổng lồ unloông chồng it và mix up a new code. But since iOS requires the code khổng lồ be entered after booting or if it hasn"t been entered for a prolonged period of time, there"s a possibility that forgetting it could be a big issue.

More likely you"ll run inlớn the problem where a family member has forgotten their passcode or entered it wrong too many times. They could be locked out after failing repeatedly, leaving you needing to lớn bypass the iPhone passcode for them.

In knowing how to lớn bypass passcode on iPhone, you can help others gain access lớn their locked devices, và there"s a few ways you can vày it But, if you have sầu a particularly forgetful family thành viên or need an iPhone passcode bypass on a regular basis, you"ll probably benefit more from using PassFab iPhone Unlocker.

As a tool, PassFab iPhone Unlocker give sầu you a fairly easy & straightforward way for how to bypass passcode on iPhone. You don"t need to lớn follow any complicated instructions khổng lồ use it, with an easy-to-follow on-screen process.

It"s also a fairly quichồng process to undertake, with the longest period being waiting for necessary downloads khổng lồ happen và for the unlocking process itself. There"s nothing stopping you from stepping away for a few minutes as each phase completes, instead of watching progress bars tick away.

Lastly, it works on both Mac and Windows desktops, doesn"t require iTunes khổng lồ complete, nor does it need an Apple ID.

After downloading and installing PassFab iPhone Unlocker, run the application. Clichồng the Start button, connect your iPhone khổng lồ the Mac or PC using a Lightning to USB cable, and tap Next.

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You will be asked lớn download và save sầu a matching iOS firmware for the iPhone. Set the tệp tin path to a location with sufficient storage capađô thị, then cliông chồng Download.


Once downloaded, clichồng the button marked Start Remove. Leave sầu your iPhone connected & with enough battery power lớn complete the unlocking process, & wait for it lớn finish.


After it has unlocked, cliông chồng Done in the application, wait for the iPhone to lớn restart, & go through the cài đặt process.

A second way of bypassing iPhone passcode is to lớn take advantage of either iTunes in Windows or the macOS Finder. Both are used khổng lồ handle management of an iPhone from your computer, along with synchronization of files và backups.

Technically there"s a few subsections to lớn using iTunes or Finder khổng lồ vày this, & it depends on the state of the device in question. In each case you will erase the iPhone, losing all data on the device, though you vì always have sầu the opportunity lớn restore data from a backup if one is available at a later time.

The first method requires your iPhone to lớn be functional, has been connected to lớn iTunes or accessed in the Finder previously, and has trusted the Mac or PC.


If those conditions are met, connect your iPhone khổng lồ the computer, and open up iTunes or access the iPhone in the Finder. Once it has been detected, cliông xã "Restore iPhone," which is a button near the top right of the window.

If you haven"t connected the iPhone up to your computer before & haven"t mix the devices lớn trust each other, you will have to go for a more extreme method of using recovery mode to bypass iPhone passcode.

If the iPhone is the iPhone X, iPhone 8, second-generation iPhone SE, or later, you need lớn press và hold the side button & a volume button, then drag the power slider to lớn turn off your device. Connect the iPhone lớn your computer then press and hold the side button until you are notified it is in a recovery mode.

For the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, turn off the iPhone by pressing and holding the side button, followed by sliding the slider. Connect the iPhone lớn the computer, and press and hold the volume down button, until you are told it is in recovery mode.

In the case of earlier models, turn off the phone by holding the side or top button, then use the power slider. Connect the iPhone & press & hold down the trang chủ button, until again you are in recovery mode.

Cheông chồng iTunes or Finder for a notification advising "There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored." Select Restore.

If you cannot enter recovery mode, you will instead need to lớn use the Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode.

To vày this on the iPhone X & later models, connect the iPhone lớn the computer and open the Finder or iTunes. Press the volume up then volume down buttons, then hold the side button until you see the power slider, & use the slider to power down.

Press và hold the side button for three seconds, then press & hold both the side and the volume down buttons for ten seconds, then just the volume down button for a few seconds.

The process for the iPhone 7 và earlier again requires a computer connection và the Finder or iTunes. Use the side button and the power slider to lớn turn off the iPhone, then right away, press và hold the side button for three seconds. Lastly, hold the side button and trang chính button for 10 seconds.

Your Mac or PC will advise it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode, và give sầu you the option to restore it.

If "Find My" was previously phối up on the iPhone, & the trương mục credentials for the Apple ID are known, there is a third route, using the Find My service. Of all the options for how lớn break the iPhone passcode, this route is the only one that doesn"t necessarily require physical access khổng lồ start the process.


Go to in a browser và sign in. Once in the account, cliông xã Find iPhone in the bottom-right corner.

Cliông xã All Devices at the top, then select the iPhone. Select Erase iPhone then click Erase in the pop-up warning. You will then be asked to lớn reauthenticate the tài khoản details before it processes the erasure.

If you"ve wanted to know how to bypass iPhone passcode in a situation where you simply can"t access the device, you now know of a few ways to get around the problem.

As always recommends, ensure you have sầu sufficient backups for your Apple hardware. While some techniques can erase data on the device in question, it"s best performing them knowing you have sầu your data stored safely elsewhere.

PassFab iPhone Unlockeris priced at $35.95 for a one-month license, $39.95 for a one-year license, or $49.95 for a Lifetime license, with all three applying lớn five sầu devices and one PC. And for Mac, the price is $10 more expensive. Versions are also available for different numbers of devices & computers. has affiliate partnerships and may earn commission on products purchased through affiliate link. These partnerships vày not influence our editorial content.

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