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Blade và Soul

Poharan is one of the Masters in Master X Master.

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Name: PoharanAge: 14Gender: FemaleRace: HumanOccupation: Vice Admiral of the Black RamQuote: Piracy would be a lot easier without all of these robots…

Story: Ram"s Eye

The Fleet Captain of the Blachồng Ram Pirates and the granddaughter of Hae Mujin. Afflicted by a mortal illness as a child, she was tended to by her grandfather. After making a full recovery, she remained with her grandfather & the Blackram Pirates, which had taken control of the maritime powers of an entire continent. With several victories under her belt, she assumed the position of Overseer for the eastern Black Ram Fleet, stationed out of the Blaông chồng Ram Supply Chain.

On one of her many rsida, Poharan was met with a strange sự kiện in unexplored waters. Something was swallowing the sea, pulling everything around her into lớn some kind of maelstrom. She moved in khổng lồ investigate, confident in her ship"s ability khổng lồ maneuver the swirling drink. The next thing she knew, she was being pulled from the water by a team of Masters who had just completed a recon mission nearby. Being the only survivor, Poharan joined the Dredgion.


Poharan is a relentless marksman who is at her best firing hails of bullets from behind a tanky front line. Originally from the NCSOFT game Blade và Soul, Poharan dishes out constant damage while also employing other abilities to displace, damage, & slow enemies. Her constant barrage of ranged damage can mow down approaching enemies before they can get in cthất bại enough to be a threat.



Poharan"s favorite gatling cannon, known for the quality rattling noise it emits while firing. Fires a continuous volley of bullets. Damaged is reduced by 30% against enemies within 5m.


Weapon DamageIncreases Weapon Damage.

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RangeIncreases Maximum Range.OverheatDecreases Heat Buildup.
Weapon Damage +11Maximum Range (cm) +100Heat Buildup -5
Level 1 : Weapon Damage +4 (+15)Level 1 : Maximum Range (cm) +40 (+140)Level 1 : Heat Buildup -5 (-10)
Level 2 : Weapon Damage +7 (+22)Level 2 : Maximum Range (cm) +60 (+200)Level 2 : Heat Buildup -7 (-17)
Level 3 : Weapon Damage +11 (+33)Level 3 : Maximum Range (cm) +100 (+300)Level 3 : Heat Buildup -8 (-25)


- Ammo Pack

Provides Blitz Grenades. A grenade is reloaded every 10 seconds. Poharan can hold a maximum of 4 grenades.

Fires a special bullet with every 10th weapon attack, dealing additional damage.

- Bunny Hop

Quickly hops 5m.

<1st ability> - Blitz Grenade

Fires a Blitz Grenade, causing an explosion in the target location. The grenade will leave sầu a patch of fire for 2 sec., damaging enemies that step on it.