Get ready for a whole new take on Pokémon battles as youteam up with famous Trainers from throughout the history of Pokémon in PokémonMasters EX. This mobile game is a collaboration between The Pokémon Company andDeNA Co., Ltd., and it gives longtime fans an opportunity to reunite with GymLeaders and Champions from previous Pokémon video games for an all-new adventure!

Welcome to Pasio!

Pokémon Masters EX takes place on the artificial island ofPasio. On Pasio, Pokémon and their Trainers—called sync pairs—share a specialbond. Many famous Trainers from every region featured so far in the Pokémonvideo games have gathered on Pasio along with their partner Pokémon and formedtheir own sync pairs.

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You are the main character in Pokémon Masters EX, and you"llembark on an exciting adventure with a Pokémon partner of your own. Along theway, you"ll meet various Trainers, make new friends, and work together withthem as you advance through the story. Once you"ve made friends with other syncpairs, you can form a team that"s all your own and aim to become the championof the Pokémon Masters League tournament being held on Pasio.

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Team Up with Famous Trainers

Meeting and working together with formidable Trainers fromother regions is a core aspect of Pokémon Masters EX, and it brings aninteresting twist to the game"s story. Some of the sync pairs you"ll encounteron Pasio include the legendary Pokémon Trainer Red and his Charizard, thepowerhouse Trainer (and grandson of the famous Professor Oak) Blue and hisPidgeot, and Cynthia, the Champion of Sinnoh, and her Garchomp.

Three-on-Three Pokémon Battles

Once you"ve joined forces with other sync pairs, you"ll getto engage in Pokémon battles! The battles in Pokémon Masters EX are 3-on-3, andthey play out in real time. You can unleash powerful attacks one after the nextas your move gauge refills over time. What"s more, in Pokémon Masters EX battles,not only can players direct Pokémon to unleash attacks as usual, but also Trainerscan use their own moves and healing items in battle for the very first time. A Trainer"smove can increase a Pokémon"s stats or have other effects. With multiple syncpairs squaring off at once, you"ll have to develop all-new strategies if youhope to come out on top!

Train Your Sync Pairs

If you hope to make it far in Pokémon Masters EX, however,you"re going to have to build up your sync pairs" strength to unleash theirfull potential. As you play, you can level up your sync pairs to make them moreformidable in a match. And then, you can increase their level cap to make themstronger still! Customize each sync pair to your individual battle style bydeveloping their sync grid, enhancing their stats, and teaching them usefultricks. You can even increase your sync pairs" potential and sync level to makethem more powerful. There are many ways to create a team that reflects yourstyle of play.

Many Challenges Await

Once you"ve formed your perfect team, it"s time to put themto the test! Pokémon Masters EX"s main story takes you on quests where you"llencounter many famous Trainers from the world of Pokémon. Prove your worth, andthey just might join your team. There are also special limited-time events thatyou won"t want to miss. Don"t be surprised if some cool new characters arriveon Pasio during these events. Earn rewards by taking on a gauntlet ofchallengers in the Battle Villa, encountering Legendary Pokémon in legendaryevents, and battling in the Champion Stadium against different regions" powerfulElite Four and Champion. You can even earn medals from some of your mostdifficult battles to show off your skills. There are a wide variety ofchallenges waiting for you in Pokémon Masters EX!