Pomsky Dog Breed Information & Characteristics

Not only will Pomskies win you over with their darling dainty faces, but they’re also fiercely loyal companions who will follow your every step. They can be willful, yet cheeky, & love sầu to make their families laugh.

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Breed Group herding hound hybrid non-sporting none sporting terrier toy working
Dog Size extra large (101 lbs. or more) large (61-100 lbs.) medium (26-60 lbs.) small (0-25 lbs.)
Other Traits apartment-friendly cold weather tolerant easy lớn groom easy to train good for first-time pet owners good hiking companion high potential for weight gain high prey drive highly territorial hot weather tolerant hypoallergenic loves water low prey drive prone khổng lồ health issues requires lots of grooming svào loyalty tendencies tendency to chew tolerates being alone
Temperament aggressive sầu aloof anxious friendly gentle outgoing playful protective sầu timid willful
height 10-15 inches
weight 20-30 pounds
life span 12-15 years
breed size medium (26-60 lbs.)
good with families dogs
temperament outgoing playful willful protective
intelligence high
shedding amount frequent
exercise needs medium
energy level active sầu
barking level frequent
drool amount low
breed group hybrid
coat length/texture medium
colors brown / chocolate / liver red gray blue Trắng
patterns bicolor tricolor brindle flecked / ticked / speckled tuxevày
other traits requires lots of grooming tendency lớn chew high prey drive loves water apartment-friendly cold weather tolerant svào loyalty tendencies

The world's first Pomsky wasn't really a Pomsky at all. The idea of this designer hybrid first surfaced in 2011 when a Buzzfeed article suggested how adorable a Pomeranian và Siberian husky hybrid would be, & it showed photographic examples that the Internet fell in love with. (More on that later.) In reality, the kích cỡ difference between those two breeds meant that a cross between them wasn't realistic. So the whole Buzzfeed brouhaha was a nonstarter ... until a year or so later, when breeders used artificial insemination to lớn create an apartment-dwelling husky-lover's dream: The Pomsky! 

What looks lượt thích a fluffier, smaller husky, the Pomsky hybrid is loyal yet mischievous. They tkết thúc khổng lồ follow their humans around the house (or apartment) waiting for the attention they thrive on. Pomskies love to lớn run around & play, and a well-trained puppy loves having kid companions lớn burn off that extra energy. They have sầu all the smarts of a husky paired with the energy of a Pomeranian, so don't be surprised if they try to chạy thử your patience at times. But with the right socialization, a Pomsky will be a loving and silly addition to lớn any household.

A full-grown Pomsky is a small- khổng lồ medium-size dog that tops out around 30–35 pounds. They look like a Siberian husky, but don't require the care of a large dog. Meg Albera of Angel's Creek Pomskies has been breeding Pomskies exclusively for years. "The Pomsky is the perfect breed for someone that would really love sầu a husky, but doesn't have sầu the space or doesn't want the bigness of a husky," Albera says. "With pet weight restrictions that landlords sometimes have, a Pomsky could be the best fit."

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Left: Many Pomskies inherit the coat pattern of their Siberian parent. They can come in a wide range of colors, too, including blachồng, red, gray, trắng, and blue. | Credit: Jonathan Byrne / Shutterstochồng
Right: Pomskies are the new pups at the dog park. This hybrid breed was created in the early 2010s, thanks lớn a viral Buzzfeed article. | Credit: JBMotillon / Adobe Stock
Because they hail from two multi-color parents, Pomskies can come in myriad coat & eye colors. Their coats can be any combination of brown, red, gray, blue, or White, & Pomskies can also inherit the same coat patterns as their husky parents, such as an adorable tuxevị or brindle look. Their fluffy double coat will need to be brushed daily. Even so, Pomsky owners can still expect to find puppy hair everywhere, as this breed is definitely prone lớn shedding. 

An old saying declares that the eyes are windows to lớn the soul, & a Pomsky’s eyes will certainly steal anyone’s heart. Pomsky eye colors range from light hazel khổng lồ piercing xanh. It’s also not uncommon to lớn see a Pomsky with two different colored eyes, similar lớn the Siberian husky.

Some breeders advertise a smaller version of the Pomsky, known as the "teacup Pomsky," but buyers should beware—the breeding process for these miniature pups can be unethical. It's important lớn note that the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn't recognize teacup breeds because there are many health concerns that befall the tiny pups. Pomskies are already small, so check with a veterinary professional before seeking out a "teacup Pomsky."

"The Pomsky is the perfect breed for someone that would really love a husky, but doesn"t have sầu the space or doesn"t want the bigness of a husky."