You"ll miss out on many things as your baby grows, but changing a dirty diaper probably isn"t one of them. However, don"t be in a hurry, as teaching your daughter how to lớn use the potty takes time and patience, as well as a reasonable màn chơi of cooperation and motivation from your child.

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Teaching your daughter how to use the potty requires your time và patience as well as your child"s reasonable cấp độ of cooperation & motivation. Lucky for you, experts say girls start potty training earlier than boys because girls aren"t easily distracted. Children who have older siblings khổng lồ look at và imitate may also have sầu an easier time nhà vệ sinh training. The key to lớn success in potty training begins only when your daughter is actually able khổng lồ do so. While some children may start as young as 18 months, others may not be ready lớn learn until they are 3 or 4 years old. There is no reason lớn try to lớn start too early. Studies show that when parents begin potty training before their child is physically or emotionally responsive to it, the process simply takes longer. In other words, you will reach your destination at the same time, no matter when you start. So the first thing to lớn vị is assess whether your daughter is ready for potty training. Once you"ve determined that your daughter is ready, focus on spending time on nhà wc training on her own. Make sure your child"s routine is well established - if he"s just starting kindergarten or has a new sibling, he may be less receptive sầu khổng lồ change or feel too pressured to lớn tackle a challenge this new. Avoid periods when the child"s natural resistance is high and wait until the child seems open lớn new things. To teach a girl khổng lồ potty train, follow the steps below.
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2.1. Let her watch & learn how to use the potty Toddlers learn by imitating & watching you use the nhà wc, this is the first step & it comes naturally. When talking about body parts, it"s important to be precise. If you teach her lớn Hotline her clitoris "small stuff" when everything else has a more formal name, she might infer that there"s something embarrassing about her genitals. If your daughter sees her brother, father or one of her friends from kindergarten or daycare standing tall in the nhà wc, she will most likely want khổng lồ try khổng lồ pee in the bathroom. standing position. You"ll have khổng lồ clean up a few messes this way, but she"ll probably underst& pretty quickly that she doesn"t have the equipment lớn st& when she pees và you won"t have to involve her in an argument. If she continues to lớn st& while urinating, have sầu her watch you and explain how mothers và their daughters must sit down to lớn urinate. 2.2. Buy the right potty Most experts recommend buying a baby-sized potty, especially since your baby can feel more on her own and will also feel more secure with her than a toilet seat large form size. Because many children are afraid of falling inkhổng lồ the toilet và their anxiety can interfere with potty training. Restrooms can be dangerous places for curious toddlers, so always supervise them when they go lớn the bathroom. If you want to buy an adapter seat for your regular nhà vệ sinh, make sure the child feels comfortable và secure & that the seat is securely attached. If you choose this option, you will need to lớn provide your daughter with a stool or step as it is important that she can move sầu easily in và out of the toilet at any time. need. Children also need lớn stabilize with their feet khổng lồ push when they have a bowel movement. You may want khổng lồ piông xã up a few picture or video clip books for your daughter, which can help her understand all this new information more easily. You can even buy a doll & a miniature potty so your child can easily visualize what you are teaching.
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2.3.Make your daughter comfortable with the potty In the process of training her khổng lồ use the nhà wc on her own, your child needs khổng lồ get used khổng lồ the idea of ​​using the potty. You can start by letting her know that the potty chair is hers. You can personalize it by writing your baby"s name on it or let your child decorate it with stickers. Then let her try sitting on it with the clothes on. After your daughter has practiced this way for a week or so, you can suggest that she try sitting on the potty with her pants down. If she seems to be resisting, avoid the temptation khổng lồ pressure her. That will only phối up a power struggle, which can derail your entire training process. If your daughter has a favorite doll or stuffed animal, try using it lớn demonstrate potty training. Most children love sầu to watch their favorite toys go through activities, và they can learn a lot more this way than from you telling them what lớn bởi. Some parents even build makeshift toilets for dolls or stuffed animals. Then, while your daughter sits in the chair, her favorite toy can be sitting on her own potty. 2.4. Motivate your baby with cool underwear Help your daughter focus on the benefits of potty training by taking her khổng lồ a special job, buying panties. Let her know that she can choose whatever she wants. Underwear with your favorite movie character or bright kiến thiết is usually a good choice. You can talk about the outing ahead of time so that your daughter gets excited about being potty-aged và wearing the same underwear as her mom or sister. 2.5. Set a training schedule Getting your daughter off diapers will depend on your daily schedule và whether your daughter is at trang chủ or daycare. If your child is in daycare, you"ll want lớn coordinate your strategy with your child"s teacher. You will have lớn decide whether to lớn use the method of switching baông xã and forth between diapers & panties or the complete change method that is lớn wear underwear the entire time of the day. Some experts recommend switching to disposable underwear, which is basically lượt thích a diaper but can be pulled up & down lượt thích underwear. But there are also opinions that say it"s best lớn immediately switch to old-fashioned cốt tông underwear or training pants, both of which will allow your daughter lớn feel when they"re wet right away. Of course, that makes it more likely that you will have sầu khổng lồ clean up more. You will have sầu to decide what is best for you & your baby. At least for a while, you"ll want lớn keep using diapers at night. And your baby"s babysitter or preschool teacher may have sầu their own opinion about when lớn switch to underwear at school. At this point, you need khổng lồ discuss to lớn agree with the teacher on when lớn let your child wear underwear instead of diapers.

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2.6. Teaching girls to sit on the nhà wc & how to lớn clean up after using the nhà wc One of the most important things you need to lớn teach your daughter is how lớn wipe properly. Explain that she needs to make sure she moves the nhà vệ sinh paper from front khổng lồ baông chồng, especially when having a bowel movement to avoid infection. If this seems too complicated for her & it can happen khổng lồ many other girls because it requires remembering to go in a certain direction, teach her to pat the area dry. after urinating. Although uncommon, bladder infections seem lớn be more likely khổng lồ occur in girls during potty training. If your daughter needs lớn urinate often or feels a sudden urge to go & says she hurts, complains of stomach pain, or starts lớn wet her pants after having good bladder control, you need to lớn take her lớn the doctor. 2.7. Spending time naked You can let your child have sầu fun wearing nothing. Place the potty in an easily accessible area while your child plays and encourage hyên khổng lồ sit on it regularly. Of course you need to be prepared for the floor to get wet. You should also allow children khổng lồ play naked in places that are not damaged by moisture or by covering carpets và furniture with plastic. You should watch for signs that your baby needs lớn go to lớn the toilet such as jumping up & down on the spot, clutching his legs or swaying from side to lớn side. Then use these cues to suggest that it"s time to lớn potty train. You can bởi this for days in a row, in the evenings when the whole family gets together or just on weekends. The more time your child spends without a diaper, the faster she will learn to lớn use the potty. 2.8. Celebrating victory During potty training, your daughter is bound to have sầu a few accidents, but eventually she will know the accomplishment of taking the nhà vệ sinh inkhổng lồ the potty. Celebrate this moment by being like a celebration of victory. Reinforce the idea that she"s hit a milestone by rewarding her with a "big kid" favor such as being told an extra bedtime story. But try not to lớn overvị it, or your child will start to feel anxious & lack of awareness under all the attention when he goes to lớn the bathroom. 2.9. If she doesn"t succeed at first, try again. As with any other skill, the more potty-training your daughter uses, the better she will be at it. But there are some things you can vị to help her find it easier to use the potty. For example, dress your child in loose-fitting clothes that he or she can take off easily, or buy underwear that"s a bit looser. If she"s still having trouble potty training, don"t overreact or punish her. Nothing interrupts potty training faster than making a child feel bad about an accident. Accidents are normal & part of training. Rethành viên that even kids who have sầu been using the nhà wc successfully for months sometimes have sầu accidents while engrossed in an activity. If you"re feeling down, remind yourself that scolding your child for wetting his pants means you"ll probably have sầu to put hlặng on diapers for many more months. And if both are frustrated, take a few weeks off & try again when you và your baby are ready.
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2.10. Increase the fun factor when your baby uses the potty You can increase the fun factor for your child when learning to sit on the potty by: Put some xanh food coloring in the toilet and she will be surprised at how she can turn the water turns green. Or put her favorite book in the magazine rack next to lớn the nhà wc so she can look through it whenever she has khổng lồ go to the bathroom. If your child starts to thảm bại interest when he"s potty trained well, you might consider offering a reward. One popular method is to lớn use stickers and calendars to lớn keep track of her successes. Every time she goes to lớn the potty, she gets a sticker of her choice on the calendar. Watching the sticker bonus points accumulate will keep her inspired. If the stickers aren"t exciting enough for your child, you can offer an extra reward like an outing lớn her favorite place or a toy she wishes for when she accumulates enough stickers or keeps her pants on. dry for a number of consecutive days. 2.11. Transitioning to Nighttime Potty Training Once your daughter has started doing a good job of potty training during the day, you"re ready to lớn move sầu on to lớn the next stage. Wait until your baby is potty trained, then start checking diapers in the morning and after naps lớn see if they"re dry. Many children begin khổng lồ dry their pants during naps within six months of learning to use the nhà vệ sinh. Training at night is more complicated because it depends on whether the girl"s body toàn thân can hold urine for a long time & how deeply she sleeps. If your daughter wants lớn try sleeping without a diaper, let her vì chưng it. If you"re concerned about her getting your mattress dirty, an absorbent mattress cover can help. If, after a few nights of experimentation, you find your daughter isn"t ready lớn keep her pants dry at night, put her diaper on at night without judgment. Tell her that her toàn thân can"t quite handle this next step và reassure her that she will soon be old enough lớn try again. If your child stays dry for three khổng lồ five sầu nights, make it a new goal to lớn have sầu them wear "anywhere, all the time" underwear. You need khổng lồ support your baby so he can stay dry by limiting drinking water after 5pm and going to the toilet before he goes to lớn bed. 2.12. By the time your baby is ready khổng lồ say goodbye to diapers altogether, she"s accomplished a lot.
Acknowledge this and bolster her pride in her achievements by letting her give sầu a family with young children her leftover diapers or by packing the diapers & sending them off with the service. last diaper delivery. Or help your daughter choreograph a playful dance around the house & call it the "no diapers" dance. The whole family can vày this dance with your baby, it will surely be an unforgettable memory for your daughter. In addition, in order to lớn prevent diseases that babies often get, parents should pay attention to nutrition to improve children"s resistance. At the same time, add supporting foods containing lysine, essential micro-minerals và vitamins such as zinch, chromium, selenium, B vitamins,... snacks and less digestive problems. Parents can learn more: Why vày you need khổng lồ supplement Lysine for your baby? The role of zinch - Guidelines for reasonable zinh supplementation Please visit the website regularly and update useful information to take care of your baby và family.