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Eiko & Koma performed a new version of The Caravan Project in the front lobby of the Museum of Modern Art January 16-21, 2013 during all hours the museum was open khổng lồ public.

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Eiko & Koma revived The Caravan Project in 2011-2012 as a part of the Retrospective sầu Project. Presented in the front plazas of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago & in the front lawn of the University of Marylvà (UMD)"s Clarice Smith Performing Art Center, these outdoor performances lasted 1 hour.

Eiko và Koma have recently finished their three year Retrospective Project, the final performance of which was The Caravan Project Revisited at UMD. At the end of that performance Koma drove sầu the oto pulling the trailer away from the audience while Eiko inside waved a good-bye.

At MoMA, this new Caravan Project was presented as a part of the exhibition Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde.

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In the busy front lobby of the museum, Eiko và Koma performed both inside & outside of the trailer as a living installation. The caravan trailer measures 8" wide, 16" long, và 9" high, và Eiko and/or Koma were always present in & around the trailer during the all hours the museum was open to public.

This new version of Caravan Project was made especially for MoMA"s lobby. In creating the piece Eiko và Koma thought about the architecture of the lobby space in relation to the flow of audience members inlớn the museum, past the Caravan, & up the stairs khổng lồ the other exhibitions. The installation & performance were specifically designed to lớn be seen from multiple angles, different distances, và a variety of elevations.

Positioned as it was in the lobby of MoMA, this new Caravan Project was seen by 30,000 people over the 44.5 hours of performance time during the week-long installation.

Caravan Project at MoMA was made possible in part by the Doris Duke Performing Artist Awards program.

Read interview with Gia Kourlas about The Caravan Project at MoMARead MoMA Blog post on the installation of The Caravan ProjectRead The New York Times PreviewSee photos

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