Pubg mobile chinese version (gfp) for android: apk download link

The recent tension at the Indo-Trung Quốc border is making many people Điện thoại tư vấn for the boycott of famous battle royale game PUBG. on September 02, the government of India banned PUBG mobile aý muốn 118 other apps.

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Gamers face loyalty demo as boycotting PUBG is tending to become trend post-Indo-Trung Quốc war | Courtesy: Tencent 
Chinese company Tencent holds 10% stakes in Bluhole but has developed the sản phẩm điện thoại version of the game, PUBG Smartphone

After the recent Indo-Đài Loan Trung Quốc clash at the Galwan Valley, which led khổng lồ the death of 20 Indian soldiers, many Indian citizens have risen up to lớn the occasion with proteststo boycott Chinese products và services. Amid this movement on social media, many have removed China-based apps from their respective sầu phones & have sầu vowed to lớn not use Chinese products again. A raging debate over famous multiplayer game PUBG is also ongoing on social media. On September 02, 20đôi mươi, the government of India decided khổng lồ ban PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại among 118 apps in India.

The Indo-China clash across the LAC has created a huge dilemma among mỏi gamers who have beenhooked to the famous battle royale gamePUBG, with many taking to lớn Google to lớn find out whether the game has Chinese ownership. There were speculations all over regarding the ownership of the game and many were able to lớn find that at least the PC version of the game wasn"t Chinese.

Launched in 2017, the game was the mastermind of Brendan Greene, the brains behind some other games lượt thích ARMA 2 andDay Z: Battle Royale. For PC, the game was designed và developed by PUBG Corporation which is actually a subsidiary of South Korean game developing company named Bluehole. To enter the gaming market of China, Bluehole held hands with the Chinese gaming company Tencent, which went on khổng lồ introduce thesản phẩm điện thoại version of the game. Although it was an instant hit in the Chinese market, the game failed to lớn get the approval of the Chinese government và hence couldn"t monetize it.

On the contrary, PUBG, after a few attempts, got banned in Đài Loan Trung Quốc as the government thought it would put an adverse effect on the minds of the young và aspiring generation và lead khổng lồ severe consequences.

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For those, who are thinking how much amount of “Chinese element” is present in the game, it is khổng lồ be noted that Tencent holds just a 10% stake in PUBG"s parent company Bluehole. Ironically, the game is played more in India than in Trung Quốc as studies by Quartz in 2018 showed that 62% of the 1000 respondents who arehooked to lớn this game are from India.

How popular is PUBG?

As per a recent report, PUBG di động is one of the most famous games across the globe & is edging closer to half-a-billion downloads. It has about 50 million active sầu users who play the game on a daily basis. In fact, during the lockdown period in India, PUBG emerged as the "most played game" in the country.

About 22 lakh people played the game in May while the second game on the danh mục is Minecraft which engaged a distant 8.2 lakh people. Some of the other popular games were Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft and Clash of Clans.

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Is PUBG Smartphone a Chinese app?

While the PUBG game was developed by a Korean game-maker, the Smartphone version of the game was developed by Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate. As far as the origins of the game go, it remains a Korean sản phẩm.It remains to lớn be seen if PUBG Smartphone manages lớn make a comeback in India or not.

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