Realtek Digital Output Has No Sound At All Fix

Many computers come with Realtek sound cards, and you can use digital output khổng lồ create audio. Digital output simply means that the audio devices connected to lớn your computer don’t use analog cables.

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The further steps depover on whether or not you have audio drivers at all.

Updating Drivers

You can update your drivers manually by right-clicking on them one by one và selecting Update. If you want lớn fix your Realtek digital output issues, start by updating the Realtek driver.

Uninstalling & Reinstalling Drivers

You can also delete all your drivers by right-clicking on every cống phẩm below the Audio Inputs and Outputs or Sound, Video và trò chơi Controllers & selecting Uninstall.

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Once you’ve uninstalled everything under this option, right-click on the parent tab (Audio Inputs và Outputs / Sound, Video và Game Controllers) & select Scan for Hardware Changes. Your computer will then search for Windows updates and install the correct drivers, including the Realtek driver. This might take a while, so be patient.

In case you don’t have any drivers (there isn’t anything under the selected audio tab), simply right-cliông xã on Audio Inputs and Outputs / Sound, Video và trò chơi Controllers and cliông xã on Scan for Hardware Changes.

Once your device has finished installing your new drivers, you should restart your computer. Everything should be ready to go when your system has rebooted.

Know Your Way Around

We can’t overstate how important it is for everyone that uses a computer khổng lồ know their way around it. Fixing audio issues can be a breeze, you just need khổng lồ know where khổng lồ start.

Did the above article help with your Realtek audio issues? Please let us know if there’s something we should add khổng lồ it.