Red Tape Là Gì

red tape

Official, bureaucratic rules or methods that are typically overly strict, convoluted, or tedious. Our lawyer was able lớn cut through red tape and get us an answer from the courthouse. There"s so much red tape involved in opening up a restaurant that we decided khổng lồ ditch the plan altogether.See also: red, tape

red tape

Fig. over-strict attention khổng lồ the wording và details of rules and regulations, especially by government workers. (From the color of the tape used by government departments in Englvà to tie up bundles of documents.) Because of red tape, Frank took weeks khổng lồ get a visa. Red tape prevented Jack"s wife from joining hyên ổn abroad.See also: red, tape

red tape

Official forms & procedures, especially those that are complex & time-consuming. For example, There"s so much red tape involved in approving our remodeling that we"re tempted khổng lồ postpone it indefinitely . This expression alludes khổng lồ the former British custom of tying up official documents with red ribbon. See also: red, tape

red tape

COMMON Red tape is official rules và documents that seem unnecessary & cause delay. After dealing with all the red tape và finally getting approval for the building, our funding has been cut. Two lawyers have sầu written a book to lớn help people cut through the red tape when dealing with British nationality laws. Note: Lawyers & government officials used to lớn tie documents together with red or pink tape. See also: red, tape

red ˈtape

(disapproving) official rules that seem more complicated than necessary & prsự kiện things from being done quickly: Do you know how much red tape you have sầu khổng lồ go through if you want to import a car?This phrase comes from the custom of tying up official documents with red ribbon or tape.See also: red, tapeSee also:

red tape

government forms and procedures An immigrant faces a lot of red tape - many interviews, forms.

red tape|red|tape

n. phr. Unnecessary bureaucratic routine; needless but official delays. If you want to lớn get anything accomplished in a hurry, you have khổng lồ find someone in power who can cut through all that red tape.

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