What Are The Differences Between 'otaku', 'kimo

I often see phrases where Riajuu appears in situations where I think it could be translated to "playboy" without any loss in meaning, following from the context & the Urban Dictionary definition.

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Am I right lớn think that way, or does "Riajuu" & "Playboy" have sầu a nuance in meaning?

eg.: Boy says something outgoing to lớn a girl. Then he says to lớn himself:何そのリヤ充みたいなセリフ


リア充 is different from "playboy".

リア充: an mạng internet meme constructed from リアル (real) + 充実【じゅうじつ】 (fulfill). a person who is successful or fulfilled in real life (vs. an otaku who is living in the world of anime or video clip games).

In most cases this refers to someone who has a lover, used with some sense of jealousy. Sometimes this is used to lớn refer lớn any "non-otaku" enjoyment outside anime/game worlds, such as skiing, parties, or going to an amusement park.

Depending on context, リア充 even includes people who are happily và busily spending their days on business (vs. hikikomori).

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プレイボーイ: a playboy, a woman chaser, a ladykiller (vs. ordinary person), just as you know in English.

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Considering they are both internet memes, "normalfag" does match リア充 pretty well.

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