My máy tính has been running very slowly for the past few days which is weird because my máy tính is quite powerful & has always run very fast. I looked at my task manager and saw that a process called Service Host: Local Systemwas using up almost all of my RAM. I am running Windows 8 Pro on a Sony VAIO S13Phường. What can I do to fix this problem?
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I am glad to lớn know that you posted query in communities.

From your description I can understvà that your computer is running slow.

I need to lớn ask you a few questions in order khổng lồ assist you in a better way.

1. Have you install any recent Windows updates on your computer?

2. Have you made any software changes to lớn the computer prior khổng lồ this issue?

3. What is the name of Antivirut program installed on your computer?

Could you please try the following methods to resolve sầu the issue.

Method 1:

Run a system file checker scan check if that helps.

Refer the following steps lớn runSFC scan.

a) Move sầu the mouse pointer to lớn bottom left of the screen where you see pReviews of start thực đơn & Right-click to bring up a danh sách of Windows settings.b) Cliông chồng on ‘Comm& Prompt (Admin)’ khổng lồ bring up elevated commvà prompt. Note: Click ‘Yes’ if it prompts for permission.c) In the command prompt type in the following command:‘sfc /scannow’ và hit enter.

Method 2: I would suggest you khổng lồ performclean boot and kiểm tra if any third buổi tiệc nhỏ application is causing the conflict. Please follow the instruction mention in links below và kiểm tra.

http://tư vấ

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Note: After you have sầu finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to boot to lớn normal startup.a) Press the ‘Windows + R’ key on the keyboard.b) In the ‘Run’ windows type ’MSCONFIG’ và clichồng ‘Ok’.c) On the ‘General’ tab, cliông xã the ‘Normal Startup’ option, & then click‘OK’.d) When you are prompted to lớn restart the computer, clichồng ‘Restart’

Method 3:I would suggest you khổng lồ persize a vi khuẩn scan on your computer.

Note: Any data files that are infected may only be cleaned by deleting the tệp tin entirely, which means there is a potential for data loss.

Please follow the links mentioned below.

Hope the above information helps.

Do get baông chồng to lớn us và let us know the status of the issue by your next post or in case you need further assistance.