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The game contains workouts included a martial arts class lead by celebrity trainer Michael George, và a special class by Michelle BridgesPlayer projection giải pháp công nghệ allowing the Kinect sensor peripheral khổng lồ trachồng over 1 million dots on your bodyThe game comes with hundreds of exercises, players enjoy regular downloadable nội dung releases khổng lồ ensure you"ll always have new and exciting workoutsBurn calories, have sầu fun và improve your fitness with the help of a personal trainerFeedbachồng system that delivers precise feedbaông chồng on every body part as you follow your coach"s instructions & correct your khung in real-time

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We borrowed an X-Box from our grand-kids & when the fitness "game" arrived I tried lớn get it to lớn work. I"ve had limited success & there weren"t any useful instructions. Gamers probably have sầu no problem with it but I couldn"t figure out how to create accounts for both my wife and me so shifting from one of us lớn the other was impossible. I also had trouble getting the system to see me in full frame so either my feet are missing or part of my head is out of the avatar. I spent more time standing in front of the television trying khổng lồ get an exercise started than actually doing exercises. After about thirty minutes of fiddling, I burned about 100 calories. I"m hoping that once our grandson comes down và shows us how to lớn phối it up we"ll find it more useful.
Your Shape is my favorite of the three XBox exercise games that I own. There is lots of variety, a good cấp độ of intensity (I"ve always exercised regularly và am in pretty good shape, và I get a great work-out from this game), & I love the tracking where you see your entire toàn thân on the screen right next to the trainer, so you can really evaluate how well you are doing. Your Shape has the most specific feedback on how lớn improve your performance on the exercises- I actually find the trainer comments khổng lồ be very helpful, not annoying as they often are in the other programs, and I can use them to quickly improve sầu how I am doing each exercise. It really is like having your own personal trainer. The trainer sets a good pace for the work-out và is easy lớn stay in rhythm with. I find these trainers to lớn be the easiest khổng lồ follow along with of the three exercise games I have (Your Shape, EA Sports Active, và UFC Personal Trainer). I also find this khổng lồ be the most accurate in sensing my movements correctly, with no problems whatsoever in a a fairlay small work-out space (about seven or eight feet from the sensore to lớn the wall). I lượt thích how the game keeps trachồng of my progress, & has lots of choices for each work-out- even in personal trainer mode, you can choose to bởi vì your pre-phối workout, or you can pick something different each time. I especially enjoy the Michelle Bridges workout programs. Other personal trainer choices include cardio, toning, và programs by other fitness experts. You can also play thể hình games or bởi yoga, cardio boxing, và other activities. The personal trainer programs I have sầu tried don"t have sầu the cấp độ of warm-up and cool-down that the other Kinect exercise programs vày, so you need to lớn bởi that part on your own, but I prefer it this way because you can vày however many sessions you want in a row and keep your heart-rate up the whole time without having lớn skip through the warm-up and cool-down. I also find that even with programs that have warm-up & cool-down, there is still not nearly enough stretching so you have sầu khổng lồ vì your own anyway. Overall, I strongly recommend this program for great work-outs & lots of choices. I rate this one first, EA second, and UFC third, for people lượt thích me who have sầu a fairly small work-out area, are in moderately good shape, và lượt thích variety.