Who are speed and wiccan's parents?

Recently "Vision" #7 by Tom King clearly reiterated a point that has been previously made but that many tkết thúc to overlook, the fact that the Vision is not really the biological "father" of either Thomas "Tommy" Shepard (Speed) or William "Billy" Kaplan (Wiccan). To be fair though, Wandomain authority isn"t really the biological "mother" of the two either, as both are the reincarnations of her original children, Thomas and William Maximoff. So in this sense Wandomain authority is more of their "spiritual" mother, but the argument can be made that she was both the "spiritual" & "biological" mother of both Maximoff boys in their first "life". In fact, you could even say that Wiccan & Speed don"t really have a father.

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After all, Wandomain authority took two souls from a demon (long và complicated story) khổng lồ create two children via her magical/reality warping abilities, và thus she had the twins! But while Vision was indeed Wanda"s husb& và initially raised the boys" as their father, he had no part in their creation, & in "The Vision" #7 he asserts that both boys are "not real," & all but rejects them as his children.

This also has indirectly been confirmed by Marvel very recently, if you look at a solicitation for the upcoming "Vision" 10 we see the Vision family Tree. On this tree we see everyone including Wanda, but while the tree does indicate that Viv and Vin are Vision and Virginia"s children, both Wiccan & Speed are shown lớn be solely descended from Wandomain authority, Vision isn"t shown lớn be their father. Given all this, we can conclude that Wandomain authority was Thomas and William"s sole biological parent, and as such they have derived all of their genetic traits solely from her.

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In all fairness this makes a lot of sense, Speed và Wiccan"s relationship with Wandomain authority has always been given far more attention than their relationship with Vision, và I think canonically Vision has only ever met Wiccan once and I don"t believe he"s" ever met Speed. Also when it comes lớn looks and powers, Wiccan & Speed are mirror images of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

I"m mean just look at Tommy, he takes more after his uncle Pietro than he does Vision, with the weird Trắng hair and the super tốc độ, và this is because Tommy derives all of his genetics solely from Wanda và her family (And no, this does not make Pietro the "father"! Tommy might for all intense and purposes be "Pietro Jr.", just as Billy is basically "Wanda Jr.", but this isn"t the Ultimates or Game of Thrones. What both Tommy"s appearance and abilities imply is that Wanda"s "real" parents must have carried the genes for trắng hair and super speed, which Pietro clearly inherited & which Wanda was a carrier for và passed down khổng lồ Tommy).

Overall Wiccan và Speeds origin is disgustingly complicated but also immensely intriguing, I just hope Marvel doesn"t vì chưng anything lớn retnhỏ their liên kết to lớn Wanda, I already hate the fact that She & Pietro aren"t Magneto"s kids anymore, but whatever, that"s another discussion for another time.