The Talk

For those who are new to lớn TalkTV, manuals are essential. will introduce lớn you the most basic operations when starting to use this very interesting livestream social network.

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TalkTV (formerly known as ccTalk) is a livestream social network that provides rich content such as entertainment including singing, showing the ability khổng lồ play games, online video clip content … different from Facebook, Zalo or Bigo Live sầu.

But with that, using TalkTV properly & appropriately with the regulations of this miniature social network is not well understood. Especially streaming videos on TalkTV is the most popular activity, but with work Broadcast live video on TalkTV If you bởi vì not follow the rules và violations, you may be locked và can no longer join.

Here are some tips on how to lớn use TalkTV correctly for those new to the game.

first. Download TalkTV where?

To tải về TalkTV software khổng lồ your computer, you can tải về the latest version on website.

2. Install TalkTV

The installation of TalkTV is also quite simple, has instructed you in details on how lớn tải về and install TalkTV, you can refer lớn the detailed instructions for installing TalkTV of


3. Create a TalkTV account

Any community application needs an account to lớn join, TalkTV is no exception. When creating the TalkTV trương mục, we found it quite simple, just enter the tài khoản information & password and you already own this TalkTV account. You can see how khổng lồ create an tài khoản & sign up for TalkTV nick.


4. How to lớn create and manage rooms in TalkTV

Creating a room in TalkTV will help you chat, team up, & exchange information between you & other members of the TalkTV community. Here, you can create your own room to invite other members lớn exchange và chat. Maximum of 6 rooms can be created per trương mục.

Details of how to create & manage rooms you can refer khổng lồ the tutorial on how to create & manage rooms in TalkTV that has shared.

5. How to register an idol in TalkTV

To become an idol on TalkTV, you need to lớn have sầu a special talent such as singing, playing games or some other skills to interact with the TalkTV community. Becoming an idol of TalkTV also gives you a sizable income from the community. Becoming an TalkTV idol is quite simple, will guide you through the steps of registration.

6. Registering a streaming room in TalkTV (Cctalk)

You are a caster or a streamer, you want lớn create a streaming room to lớn show your ability, you can register a streaming room in TalkTV.

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Registration is also very simple, you can vì with the same operations as registering an idol on TalkTV.

7. Using the Video room on TalkTV (Cctalk)

The video room is one of the attractive features on TalkTV, where you can watch & cheer on a face with a nice & funny voice. In addition, you can also give sầu gifts, see the schedule and interact with the idol you are following.

* has guided you in detail khổng lồ join Video Room on TalkTV, you can see more in the article on how lớn use video clip rooms in TalkTV.

8. Rephối Music software TalkTV (Cctalk) background for Windows

When chatting, you want your own voice lớn harmonize with the tunes coming from the computer when you play music or play Clip, instructed you khổng lồ phối the TalkTV music software for Windows, the You can refer to the operation steps at:

9. Please get a nice number room for TalkTV

At TalkTV, each room is phối up with a separate number of rooms including digits. Anyone who creates a personal room would like lớn own a nice number of rooms. Therefore, TalkTV has supported eligible users khổng lồ obtain a beautiful digital room. will guide you through the steps khổng lồ apply for a nice digital room.


10. Correct errors of not typing Vietnamese on TalkTV

In some cases, when using TalkTV, you cannot type Vietnamese even though you have sầu used Vietnamese typing software such as Unikey, Vietkey … So how lớn handle it? has written articles to lớn guide you to lớn manipulate, you can try again and report the results to offline.

11. Shortcuts in TalkTV

The shortcut combinations in TalkTV are always extremely important, bringing more convenience khổng lồ the user when just by using the keyboard, users can quickly adjust the operation of the software as desired through the combination. familiar function keys like Ctrl, Alt, Shift …

When you are streaming, chatting with friends, và following your idols, using the shortcut on TalkTV will be extremely convenient. For that reason, TalkTV has included a number of built-in keyboard shortcuts as well as letting users proactively install shortcut keys at will.

12. How to lớn remove TalkTV from the computer

If your computer or laptop is showing signs of slowing down or you want khổng lồ switch lớn another streaming service, you can proceed lớn completely remove sầu TalkTV from your computer or máy tính xách tay.


The steps khổng lồ remove TalkTV are similar to lớn removing other software on the computer.

Above is the most basic guide for you are using the social network lớn mô tả livestream TalkTV (also known as ccTalk). Hopefully, the above sầu experience can partly assist you khổng lồ use the software more effectively. Which live stream are you using? Please share in the bình luận below.

Streaming Clip on TalkTV has now expanded to all three versions including PC, Android & iOS. Users who want khổng lồ stream video clip on TalkTV need khổng lồ register for ccTalk streaming room and use live sầu video clip streaming using xuất hiện Broadcaster or Xsplit.

Along with TalkTV, social networks such as Facebook, Zalo or Bigo Live are all places that attract a lot of young people who love sầu lớn communicate, want khổng lồ be able to stream live videos on Facebook or Play live đoạn phim on Zalo khổng lồ show your friends life stories. And also with social networks like Facebook, Zalo or Bigo Live sầu, criteria, usage & ways Play live đoạn Clip on Facebook, Bigo Live or stream live video on Zalo will be very different. Therefore, for each social network, readers should also understand the rules & know how lớn make streaming video properly.