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TOEIC TEST PRO is designed to lớn help you practice and improve your TOEIC skills to well prepare for the exam. The tiện ích assists you in improving Online TOEIC Test skills in particular và English skills in general through a variety of grammar & vocabulary exercises. Besides, the tiện ích offers various functions such as tracking the learning process, doing exercises in the offline mode, providing tips and tricks as well as exercises with different levels.

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Four short statements regarding a photograph will be spoken only one time. Of these four statements, select the one. that best describes the photograph.

Three responses lớn one question or statement will be spoken only one time. Select the best response for the question.

Conversations between two or three people will be spoken only one time. Listen lớn each conversation & select the best response for the question. There are three questions for each conversation.

Short talks such as announcements or narrations will be spoken only one time. Listen khổng lồ each talk and select the best response for the question There are three questions for each talk.

Select the best answer of the four choices (words, phrases, or a sentence) to complete the text. There are four questions for each text.

Read a range of different texts and select the best answer of the four choices. There are multiple questions for each text.

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Wonderful phầm mềm to learn English! We can communicate with each other & the questions are similar to the TOEIC chạy thử. It helps me a lot! Thank you
Amazing! An easy and practice way to lớn boost your skills for TOEIC exam. I’m sure that it is the best! Thanks, I’m very grateful. I recommkết thúc it. Regard
This tiện ích really helps you khổng lồ improve sầu your English by listening while matching it with the picture. There are many types of questions that can help you improve sầu your English. I lượt thích this app

1. TOEIC Test Overview

1.1. What Is TOEIC ?

TOEIC (the Test of English for International Communication) is a standardized English demo oriented towards professionals và companies. The exam is a product of ETS, an American non-profit organization. 

Questions in the TOEIC chạy thử are based on real-life work settings in the international environment such as meetings, travel, telephone conversations and so on. 

1.2. TOEIC Test Format

The TOEIC test includes two sections: Reading and Listening. Candidates will take the Reading section within 75 minutes and the Listening section within 45 minutes. The total time for a TOEIC exam is 1đôi mươi minutes. 

Each section consists of 100 multiple choice questions.

Here is the new format of the exam. Like the previous format, the new format comprises 7 parts; however, the number of questions in certain parts has been changed.



Number of questions 


Part 1: Photographs 

Part 2: Question - Response 


Part 3: Conversations 

39 (13 conversations, 3 questions per conversation)

Part 4: Short Talks 

30 (10 talks, 3 questions per talk)


Part 5: Incomplete Sentences 


Part 6: Text Completion 


Part 7: Reading Comprehension 

Single passages: 29 (10 single passage, 2-4 questions per passage)

Multiple passages: 25 (2 set-based double passages + 3 set-based triple passages, 5 questions per set)

1.3. TOEIC Scoring & Assessment 

The TOEIC is not a pass-or-fail exam. It evaluates your English competence in Reading & Listening skills. 

In the TOEIC Reading and Listening demo, candidates are marked based on the number of questions they answered correctly, which is then converted to a scaled score. The score report shows listening, reading và scaled score. The total scaled score is determined by adding two scaled scores together. 

The TOEIC Reading and Listening chạy thử gives a score between 10 và 990. Therefore, the maximum score for each section is 445. 

905 - 990

International Proficiency

785 – 900 

Working Proficiency Plus

605 – 780

Limited Working Proficiency

405 – 600

Elementary Proficiency Plus

255 – 400

Elementary Proficiency

10– 250

Memorized Proficiency

2. Benefits of TOEIC certificate 

The TOEIC certificate brings a host of advantages to lớn learners. Here are the top benefits of the TOEIC certificate that you can gain from:

2.1. Possess a widely recognized certification 

As its name “the Test of English for International Communication”, the TOEIC certificate is clear proof of your English communication ability in the international environment. TOEIC has been trusted by more than 14000 organizations in 160 countries in the world.

2.2. Open up more job opportunities 

As the job market is becoming more competitive, you need lớn find effective ways khổng lồ make yourself stand out from the crowd. An impressive sầu resume with a standardized English demo like TOEIC can bring you more job opportunities in the global market as well as represent your workplace communication skills regardless of age, gender, nationality và background. Besides, having an English certificate shows employers that you are willing to dedicate time lớn enhancing your English and professional skills. 

2.3. Boost your motivation levels 

Motivation plays a pivotal role in learning a new language. Language learning can boost academic motivation và students’ self-efficacy. By taking the Toeic exam và making improvements in your English level, you will have more motivation lớn study better và keep on learning and using language. 

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About TOEIC Test 

3.1. What does the thử nghiệm assess? 

The TOEIC Listening & Reading demo assess the ability khổng lồ listen và read in English.

Taking the online TOEIC tests không tính tiền lớn familiarize yourself with the format of the real chạy thử.

3.2. Who uses the test?

Many companies, corporations and educational institutions in the world use the TOEIC Listening and Reading demo lớn evaluate the English-language proficiency of students và business professionals. At neftekumsk.com, we suggest numerous free online Toeic tests which are suitable with your levels and explained clearly after each one.

Individuals taking the TOEIC demo consist of: 

- Employees who work at hotels, hospitals, restaurants, international meetings và conventions & need khổng lồ use English regularly. 

- Individuals who work in managerial, sales and technical positions in international business, trade and industry và need to use English khổng lồ communicate with their colleagues. 

- New employees participating in the job market

The best way to lớn obtain a Toeic certificate is practicing with the TOEIC Test Online.

3.3. Why does the test require candidates lớn use only pencils? 

It is the standard of the TOEIC exams, mix by makers of the optical scanners used khổng lồ read answer sheets. You are only allowed to lớn use pencils to lớn fill in the answer sheet. This ensures accuracy in reading answers during the marking process. 

Other writing tools like pens are not permitted because they can make the answers bleed over or stain on the answer sheets & may cause errors in scanning. Besides, you can easily change your responses with pencils, while pens vì chưng not. 

Furthermore, security is also a reason why the TOEIC test requires candidates khổng lồ use pencils only. Security incidents in the past have sầu proved that materials can be brought into the kiểm tra room as well as kiểm tra items can be brought out of the thử nghiệm room by using unapproved writing tools. 

Before starting to lớn take the thử nghiệm, you will be given a standard pencil along with an eraser.

3.4. Why are TOEIC thử nghiệm items và answer keys not disclosed to the public?

The TOEIC thử nghiệm forms are reused many times và therefore must be always protected under secure conditions. If the items and answer keys were unveiled publicly, it would remove sầu the integrity of the test. 

3.5. How long are scores valid?

The TOEIC thử nghiệm scores will be valid in two years. Scores are used khổng lồ measure a candidate’s English capability at the time that a thử nghiệm is administered. 

Your English skills may enhance or reduce over time, so, a score report will not be reissued if two years have passed since taking the kiểm tra. 

4. Why should you choose TOEIC Online Test of TOEIC TEST PRO?

Among mỏi a great number of websites & apps lớn study TOEIC, why is the TOEIC TEST PRO preferred by many learners? Let’s take a look at the following reasons. 

First of all, online tests on TOEIC TEST PRO are divided inkhổng lồ Full tests & Mini tests appropriate khổng lồ the needs of each person. Full tests are taken in 120 minutes which is like in the actual thử nghiệm. Meanwhile, mini tests are taken in 60 minutes with the quantity of questions reduced by half. 

Secondly, questions are carefully written by expert tutors which cover all sections of a TOEIC exam such as Listening & Reading. Furthermore, questions are continuously updated according khổng lồ the new format including topics below:

- Part 1: Photos

- Part 2: Questions and Responses

- Part 3: Conversations

- Part 4: Talks

- Part 5: Incomplete sentences

- Part 6: Text Completion

- Part 7: Single Passages

- Part 7: Double Passages

- Part 7: Triple Passages

Thirdly, each question gives an answer with a clear explanation. Test takers can learn vocabulary, structures as well as collocations provided in the explanations. 

Finally, TOEIC TEST PRO is scientifically and carefully designed to lớn create an eye-catching & easy-to-use interface. TOEIC TEST PRO guarantees to bring users the best learning experience.