Awesome Solution: The Iphone Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted

When some iPhone users are attempting updating their device to lớn the lathử nghiệm iOS version or restoring iPhone via iTunes, they may receive sầu an error message writing "The iPhone software update VPS could not be contacted. Make sure your network settings are correct & your network connection is active sầu, or try again later". What happened? In this tutorial, you will learn 6 Ways khổng lồ Fix the iPhone Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted Error.

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Way 1: Try lớn Quit và Relaunch iTunes to Try Again

When you are told the iPhone software VPS cannot be contacted, it is possible that there is something wrong with your iTunes VPS. So the first way you can try lớn fix the problem is to quit and wait for a while & then reopen your iTunes. Maybe this error message will disappear after doing this. If it doesn"t work, try the following other ways.

Way 2: Cheông xã the Network Settings và Network Connection

If the iPhone update VPS could not be contacted, the message prompts you to make sure your network settings are correct & your network connection is active. How khổng lồ bởi vì it?

1. Reboot your Wi-Fi router. Turn off Wi-Fi router và restart it about 10 minutes later khổng lồ see whether this problem gets resolved or not.

2. Cheông chồng your network connection. You should make sure your computer has connected khổng lồ Wi-Fi correctly. To kiểm tra this, use your browser khổng lồ launch a website khổng lồ see if it opens.

3. Connect your computer to lớn a different network. If your computer has some issues in recognizing your Wi-Fi connection or the signal of network is poor, unstable and frequently interrupted, connect it to lớn another different network.

Way 3: Update iPhone Software through OTA

However, if there is no problem with your network settings & network connection and you still encounter the error message saying that iPhone software update VPS could not be contacted when you try khổng lồ update your device through iTunes. You can choose lớn update the iOS software via OTA without iTunes.

Step 1: Go to Settings>General>Software Update. If there is a new version of iOS available, you will be brought to the installation screen.

Step 2: Cliông xã Download and Install to lớn update your iOS device. When prompted, enter your PIN code to make a confirmation so that you can start the process.


Step 3: Your device will reboot after the process is completed. Now you can enter the password khổng lồ access your device.

Way 4: Download the Lademo Version of iTunes

Actually that the iPhone update server cannot be contacted is likely to be resulted from you using a lower version of iTunes. You can uninstall the current one and tải về iTunes of the lachạy thử version. Then when you use it to lớn update your device, you won"t see the pop-up message again. Why not have sầu a try?

Way 5: Download the Firmware for the Update Manually

Then the last way recommkết thúc to you is lớn download the firmware manually because this method is a little time-consuming and complex. In order to lớn implement this way, you can tải về the iOS IPSW file. Follow the below instructions to carry out this method.

Step 1: Download the IPSW tệp tin as per your device model.

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Step 2: Connect your device to the computer with a USB cable, launch iTunes, và wait for iTunes to lớn recognize your iPhone.

Step 3: Go lớn Summary, press Shift (Windows) or Option (Mac) on the keyboard & then click Restore iPhone.


Step 4: The previous step will bring you lớn a popup window where you can choose the IPSW file you had downloaded previously.


Step 5: Then you will be told iTunes will erase and restore your iPhone, clichồng Restore lớn verify this action và complete the process according khổng lồ the following onscreen instructions.


And then wait for iTunes lớn update your device.


Way 6: Use a third-tiệc ngọt tool

If none of the five ways mentioned above sầu works, you can try to fix this error with a powerful tool named iSuncốt truyện iOS Repair Genius. It can help you fix most common system problems quickly & safely. Here is a guide on how lớn use this tool to lớn fix this update error.

Preparations: Before repairing, you need to download this tool and install it on your pc. Besides, you should connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure that they are connected in the whole process of repairing.


Step 1: In the interface of software, select one of repair modes (The following steps take Standard Mode as an example.). Standard Mode allows you to fix most of common system issues without data loss while Advanced Mode can fix any system problem but the data will be erased.


Step 2: Clichồng Start button to lớn continue.


Step 3: If your iPhone is connected to pc, it will be automatically detected by this tool và you just need to lớn cliông chồng Next button to lớn continue.


If your iPhone cannot be detected, you need lớn put your iPhone in DFU or Recovery Mode. Follow the clear guide on the screen to continue to lớn next step.

Recovery Mode:


DFU Mode:


Step 4: The tool will automatically identify your iPhone Mã Sản Phẩm & show you the available versions of firmware. Cliông xã Select button to lớn choose where to lớn save the package và then click Download button lớn tải về a firmware package.


Alternatively, you can cliông chồng Copy button to lớn tải về the firmware in a browser và clichồng Select button to import it.


Step 5: Wait for the program khổng lồ verify the firmware.


Step 6: Cliông chồng Repair button lớn start repairing.


Step 7: It will take a few minutes, but it"s worth waiting. A window pops up prompting that the device is repaired successfully.


Finally, your iPhone gets back khổng lồ normal và it is upgraded to lớn the lakiểm tra iOS version.

In summarize, to fix the iPhone software update VPS could not be contacted error, all the ways mentioned above sầu are worth trying. Compared with other methods, it is more convenient and effective lớn solve sầu this issue with iSunnói qua iOS Repair Genius. What’s more, if your iPhone encounters other system problems like stuchồng on Apple logo, frozen on blachồng screen with loading circle, this tool can fix them quickly & effectively.