Wings vs dc game 4

Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6

The North American team set the tone & pace right out of the gates in the TI6 group stage. Their first day, the under-rated team had already taken a win from the Korean Overlords and wiped through Fnatic with a grvà display of skill và talent. They continued on to lớn roll over the TI4 championship team Newbee và upphối Team Secret – both series with spectacular synergy & cohesion before moving on to plow through Team Liquid & take one match off of EHOME.

Their start could not have sầu been much better và was infinitely more successful and impressive than many fans had given them credit lớn be heading khổng lồ Seattle. They were an underdog turning Cinderella story.

Later in the main sự kiện, w33 would tell Kaci Aitchison in a victory interview

When people expect less from you, you perform better. We formed this team for top 8. Everyone wants to win, of course, but you have khổng lồ be realistic

Their run in the main sự kiện has been dazzling thus far. In a spectacular showing filled with clutch plays, perserverance, incredible rotations and honed in synergy their only loss in the lower brackets was suffered at the hands of TnC Pro.

As they cut through each opponent with relative ease, the North American based team seemed lớn gain even more strength and precision.

They now find themselves sitting on the podium alongside the TI5 championship team Evil Geniuses & the Chinese giants – Wings Gaming for more than realistic shot at the Aegis and $9 million prize.

Through it all the team remains humble & focused – perhaps a nod lớn the strength & maturity they have developed through their touchy beginnings & the obstacles they triumphed over.

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Digital Chaos’ captain, Misery, would tell Kaci Aitchison during a post-game interview that the experience has been unbelievable – this coming from the six time International competitor.

It’s not over yet, so I can’t really feel relieved. It doesn’t really feel like I’m playing at TI – because in all the previous years my teams were crumbling. Now we’re doing great và it’s hard lớn believe sầu, considering where I was in March

Digital Chaos will go head to lớn head in the lower brackets tonight against the TI5 championship team – Evil Geniuses at 10:30 PDT/19:30 CEST. One team will take third place and the $2,165,334 place prize and the other will advance to lớn the Gr& Finals to lớn face Wings Gaming và the chance lớn take trang chính the Aegis and TI6 championship title.

Rejection served with a side of Chaos

Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6

Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6

Digital Chaos came together amid what one could only classify as – rejection served with a side of chaos.

With only four days before the rosters locked this group of casualties from the ugly side of Dota 2 roster reshuffles had each suddenly found themselves on the short over of the stick.

Team Secret had just claimed the championship title at the Shanghai Major – celebrating both Puppey & w33’s shared birthdays in the process. The world and even their own team members were unaware of the storm that was brewing that would unleash havoc two weeks later.

The ripple effect of the destructive và completely unexpected reshuffle Team Secret initiated was powerful enough lớn upset and tear apart several teams in the process.

w33 & MiSeRy were blindsided and unexpectedly replaced on Team Secret with only four days remaining before the rosters were khổng lồ be locked for the Manila Major và The International 6. A devastating rejection as it was, paired with an uncertain và gryên ổn future.

Resolut1on had parted ways with Digital Chaos on March 23rd, after only 6 weeks of competition with the team. The original Digital Chaos roster that he had been part of was dissolved by mặc định after they lost Theeban “1437” Siva to lớn Team Secret as a coach and then Evil Geniuses officially welcomed back both Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling and Sam “BuLba” Sosale to the organization after losing Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora khổng lồ the Europeans.

Moo had also thought his team was set for the upcoming season but with Jesus “Ztok” Carhuaricra being flagged as ineligible due khổng lồ recent matchfixing when he tried to register, Moo’s team và hopes started khổng lồ fall apart.

In a matter of days offers, connections & plans were made in hopes for each of the members lớn salvage something of their TI6 dreams.

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The rites of passage

Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6

Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6

Not sure what the outcome would hold, the team was Westward bound and took control of their fate. While touting individual skill & respect from the community, three members on the team cloông chồng in with two years or less competing on a professional Dota 2 màn chơi.

The team came in và completely destroyed và dominated the region. Turning compLexity upside down, they began to lớn snatch all qualifiers & minor tournaments out from under them.

They seized a spot in the Manila Major after barreling through the Manila Major NA open qualifiers and then overcoming Shazam, 3:0, in the region’s Gr& Finals.

They proved over a short period of time to be a formidable enemy in the North American region – claiming the NA qualifier spots for both The Summit 5 and SL iLeague StarSeries s2.

The team’s premier LAN debut was the Manila Major, where they placed 9th-12th. They then took 5th-6th place at both the Nanyang Championships và The Summit 5 and SLTV iLeague StarSeries season 2.

Emerging at the top

Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6

Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6 Digital Chaos TI6

Digital Chaos have sầu already shown exceptional coordination và synergy lately – having an outstanding run in the group stage và performance in the Upper Brackets first round.

Despite being knocked into the lower ranks by Wings Gaming, Digital Chaos’ playstyle & presence has been in top khung. Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok had recently disclosed that the team had recently gained the help of a second coach, focusing on communication & relationships & it shows.

Fine tuned precision in rotations, team fights coordination & scouting would lead the newly formed DC to lớn victory.

In another great display of strength from DC, as the North-American team managed best the Filipino pride TnC Pro 2:1. Their night had just begun & DC advanced in the lower brackets only lớn outdraft và outplay Chinese Juggernauts EHOME in two very one-sided games.

DC had reached Top 4 và secured a pay-kiểm tra of at least $1.4 million. Their run was already more than impressive but wasn’t over yet.

The following day – on the baông chồng of superb individual plays and flawless team coordination, Digital Chaos managed khổng lồ down Fnatic 2:0, to reach Top 3 và the Lower Bracket Finals, & secure a paycheck of at least $2.1 million.