Teased last week, Nexon today held a truyền thông media event in South Korea to lớn announced details of the domestic launch for its next flagship Smartphone MMORPG, Traha. Developed by Moai Games, pre-registration has started now with the official Android và iOS launch taking place on 18 April 2019. Of course, there is no schedule yet for the global version, which is bound khổng lồ happen in the future. A promo trailer starring Chris Hemsworth was also released, with the team citing his role as Thor as being an inspiration for players in becoming “god”.

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Here are some minor details from the media conference:

• As mentioned above, pre-registration has started for Traha in South Korea, followed by a Character Name Reservation chiến dịch on 21 March, and finally the official launch on 18 April 2019 for Android and iOS devices.


• Traha is rated as a 15+ game in South Korea. Games rating is a very important process in the country, as it determines what kind of goods và services can be included in-game.

• As seen in the various artwork, there are 2 warring factions in Traha và players must choose one to align with. The team mentioned they have systems in place in case one faction gets too powerful than the other.

• Traha is developed using Unreal Engine 4 as a high chất lượng “proper MMORPG” with high-over graphics in mind. The focus will be on churning out updates và maintaining the game economy without any fancy features.

• Traha will be over 5GB in kích thước, supports Android 64-bit and Vulcan API, và will run on systems starting from Samsung Galaxy S7 & iPhone 6S.

• The biggest feature of Traha is the Infinity Class system, where characters can change their classes based on the weapons they are holding. There are currently 6 different weapons, including Great Sword, Dual Swords, Bow, Mace+Shield, Fists, & Staff.

• Another main feature is an in-depth customization system… Which I feel is pretty normal these days.

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• It was mentioned that with this system, players vì chưng not have lớn start a new character when new weapons are introduced. This confirms that new weapons are being prepared.

• Through this system, players can also create a different combination of characters, such as a hybrid healer.

• The team stated that automated combat is for players looking khổng lồ “speed up growth”, while players who control manually will get 2-3 times more experience points than automated combat. Interesting…

• There are 4 professions in the game (living skills), và players can choose to tăng cấp all of them.

• The auction house system will be a server-based one, with both factions sharing the same auction house và browsing through the same items.

• Only in-game gold can be used in auction houses, and not premium currency (diamonds).

• Updates for Traha will arrive sầu in the size of Episodes, pretty much similar lớn most MMORPG titles.

• For South Korea, the team is preparing a “Premium Club” for players who create nội dung regularly, such as strategy guides, bạn art, etc.

• A long-term service is the business goal of Traha rather than looking for quichồng topups from players.