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COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

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Employers must carry out a specific COVID-19 risk assessment, in line with the lakiểm tra government guidance. They must create safe systems of work by putting in suitable control measures to reduce the risks of contracting and spreading COVID-19. This should be before anyone returns to lớn their workplace & must be reviewed regularly. If you need help khổng lồ carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment lớn get your people bachồng to lớn work safely, or want khổng lồ audit the controls that you have put in place; get in touch. We can provide you with the written và practical pre & post return to lớn work procedures. In the meantime, take a look at the đoạn phim below that you could share with your employees as part of their COVID-19 awareness training.

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Michelle was very engaging. Using film, leaflets, quizzes and more. The course was excellent.

—C Poynter


The food hygiene course was excellent. I like the way Michelle taught us and she gave us lots of knowledge. The photos and visual actives were great.

—M Aljeraisi


I liked this fire safety course. It was informative sầu and gave sầu good points on risk assessment. I will make sure that procedures are followed correctly.

—M Bonney

Overall the course was very good. The practical practice & videos were helpful. I learnt what lớn vị in a fire & about fire hazards.

—D Newton

Excellent training, interesting with lots of examples. I learnt about temp control & not mixing food and allergens.

—D Newton

The course was excellent and I liked the interactive nature that it was delivered. I will think about the bigger picture & piông xã up things properly & plan my moves.

—C Guest

The course made me think rather than listen & I liked that. I learnt how to lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with moving & handling things at work and home & to lớn think & plan actions first.

—A Raffi

I liked Michelle’s natural style of training. The activities were good và I felt included.

—E Rimmer

The course was excellent. I liked the practical side, filling out the forms, learning to lớn assess risk for myself.

—D Newton

The pace of the course was good for me. I liked that Michelle spoke clearly and enjoyed the UV hand washing task.

—D Hill

Michelle was polite & spoke clearly. The course was excellent and I learnt all about temps, rules and regs.

—T Pilling

I liked the activities và inclusion. I learned a lot about HACCP., temperatures và hvà washing

—J Ward

The food safety course was good & I liked learning about bacteria và how lớn wash my hands properly

—S Higginbottom

The course was very good. Michelle is a very good teacher. I lượt thích the theory and practical examples.

—S Hewitt

The course was very good use of my time as it helps me with my job. Michelle was well spoken and clear in the instructions given.


I found a lot of information useful và it made me think a lot more about my surroundings at work. Michelle spoke clearly & concise, made it fun & interesting và was helpful.

—K Rowley

It was useful on how to lớn lift and carry properly. I liked the fun activities, working with other groups & more understanding of it all. I had fun.

—N Williams

All of the training was interesting và will benefit my job. Michelle kept us all motivated with the activities và changing groups.

—M Ryan

The training made me think about the best way lớn lift things. I liked the involvement with others, the tests và examples.

—B Morton

Michelle was most useful as she told me everything I need to lớn know. It was brilliant in every way.

—D Sherlock

I liked the the way the course was delivered in a relaxed manner, but all areas were covered in depth. The fire risk assessment part was excellent.

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—M Wilkins

Made me think about my surroundings & how to ensure the safety of my colleagues. I will definitely use that I have sầu learnt.

—A Hazeldine

The training was very thorough & answered questions I had. I will take a lot more care when lifting. Thanks Michelle.

—J Monks

The course was informative sầu without being boring. I enjoyed the interaction. I learnt how to identify hazards and work more safely.

—V Slinn

I thought the course was good. Very detailed & informative sầu and included a mixture of visual & textual nội dung.

—M Macdonald

I liked the visual sida during the training. I learnt about the correct method of carrying out manual handling tasks.

—L Huber

The training was clear và well paced with good use of the visual aids và quizzes. Michelle was knowledgeable and helpful

—G Hogg

The course was excellent and the I gained & retained knowledge in safe working methods and awareness

—G Wild

Michelle’s teaching methods were excellent and I will pay attention khổng lồ hazards and potential risks in the office

—R Fleming

I liked the fact that the methods the method the information being given varied in delivery which kept the course fresh and engaging.

—A Brown

I have sầu a more indepth knowledge of health và safety & I liked the engaging activities too. I now know how lớn risk assess.

—J Lee

The simplithành phố of the delivery and the use of a variety of learning techniques suited me best. I learned the key legislation behind health & safety workplace requirements.

—R Haskin

I thought the training was fun, enjoyable and very informative. I enjoyed the practical lifting.

—W Merridith

The training was informative sầu & had a variety of ways lớn learn. The visual sida & quizzes were excellent.

—L Muir

The group exercises were the best & I have sầu a more indepth knowledge of health and safety and risk assessments now.

—L higgins

I liked the fact the training made me more aware of the risks of the tasks I vị daily. I will make sure that I will not be lazy and lift objects in the correct way.

—L Jones

Overall the course was excellent. I liked the personal touch và the trainer was very friendly. I improved my knowledge where there were gaps.

—D Reece

I liked that the training was conducted on site & examples were relevant lớn our site. We weren’t just sat down và that the training included movement to keep us alert.

—We’re Moving Relocation Services

We went through everything that we needed to lớn learn about. Michelle was very good. She made it easy to understand things.

—J Turner

It was very good and was useful that I know many things about my work. Everything was explained well in a good & simple way.

—A Abouseley

The course was very interesting. Michelle brought in her own personal experiences to lớn help relate to lớn examples.

—S McDonald

The course was really useful and Michelle used both practical & theory methods lớn deliver the training. It’s made me realise all about food safety awareness.

—P Bottomley

The questions and interactions were the best và I learnt a lot more about food hygiene.

—A Brownlee

Michelle was very knowledgable, very approachable, well prepared and the course was both enjoyable & useful.

—J Catton

Michelle has an excellent field of knowledge, all questions were answered and she managed lớn make a boring subject interesting.

—B Fisher

Very knowledgable on the subject material, well prepared và I learned a lot about the risks

—S Miles

Michelle was great at explaining everything. There was no waiting for anything, very well prepared.

—C Graham

Michelle training was very good, a job well done and ‘what went well?’ Everything!