In some places, it seems to lớn qualify a type of game or game element (specific characters or subsystems) that requires immense amounts of training lớn master.

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Other times, I"ve sầu seen it used to describe a kind of self imposed challenge, voluntarily making the game harder khổng lồ win.

And finally, it seems lớn sometimes refer lớn certain players, persistently failing at playing a game.

Question is, is there a generally accepted/canon definition for the word ?

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Well, when I"ve used the term tryhard I usually referenced players which are taking the game way too seriously and act lượt thích their life depends on it.That is a completely opinion based thing though, as I am playing games lượt thích DotA entirely for fun. If I meet a player in a public, unranked queue that wants to try out advanced tactics he has seen watching pro matches, I tkết thúc khổng lồ think "what a tryhard", while others who take the game more serious than I vì would appreciate that motivation the player is showing.

To summarize: tryhards are players who take the game more serious than I (or someone else) do. Obviously that is opinion based and I"d count it as an insult, therefore I am not using the term tryhard in general.

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A Tryhard is a person who puts too much effort into winning a game - he is "trying too hard".

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Of cource that term is highly subjective sầu, but here are some ideas of where the concept comes from:

People usually play games for recreationPeople enjoy games they either are winning, or at least have a chance of winningEffort is usually not conductive sầu khổng lồ recreation

=> If a player puts forth unusual ammount of effort, he "forces" other players to keep up with hlặng if they want to lớn have a chance of winning, thus reducing their enjoyment of the game.

The highly subjective measure of how much effort exactly is too much, makes this term unsuitable lớn actually describe behavior in

This pattern isn"t exclusive sầu to lớn Video either, & I think most people will have expirienced something similiar during their playground days at least once ("Hey! Hiding indoors doesn"t count!").

The big difference is, that in the real world you have lớn communicate through such a problem if you want to lớn continue playing. Online Video games have a large enough player pool that you can just "rage quit" until you find an agreeable matchup.

It should also be mentioned, that this term is often "abused" lớn mitigate the pain of loosing a match.