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More Than 1 Million Free Libraries

More than 1 million real-time updated components have been created, letting you focus on the thiết kế, và you can create or import your own comtháng libraries.Integrated LCSC Component catalogBenefit from China’s leading electronic components distributor - LCSC , neftekumsk.com supports direct link lớn more than 200,000 real-time, in-stochồng components at LCSC .Designers can refer lớn stocks, prices, and order at any time during thiết kế.

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Hundreds of Thousands of mở cửa Source/Private Projects

You can create private or public projects including spice circuit simulations A massive collection of open source projectshelps you find more interesting projects and speeds up your design






DC_5V/3V3_TWO Channel_JX

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Hundreds of Thousands of Open Source/Private Projects

:people Engineers Chose neftekumsk.com for :composer Designs

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