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I have a desire và need khổng lồ start learning the vRealise Suite of products & one of the first parts I thought I would look at was installing vRealize Lifecycle Manager on my lab. I was initially using v2.1.0 but then v8.0 was released so I also looked at that version.

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I run my lab nested in VMware Workstation v15.5 & noticed that v2.1.0 did not have sầu networking from deployment either when setting a static IP or using DHCPhường. I will detail this và how khổng lồ fix it. Also I will look to see if things are better with v8.0.

LCM v2.1.0 Static IP Deployment

I wanted to lớn use a static IP address for the appliance so ran through the installer as so.

In Workstation go to lớn File...Open... & open the appliance OVA

Accept the license agreement and clichồng Next >


Enter the name of the VM & the path:


In Deployment Options either Disable or Enable Content Management:


Enter the the hostname (ensure FQDN), if you want khổng lồ join the CEIP.., and the NTP server:


If required enter Certificate details. In my examples I leave sầu as default:


The last deployment options screen is the Networking Properties:


Cliông xã Import and the ova in imported khổng lồ Workstation & powered on.

However when the appliance boots you see the error NO NETWORKING DETECTED:


Fix LCM v2.1.0 Static IP

To fix this is pretty simple. The tool vami_config_net lets you look at the current network configuration and fix it.

Press Enter to Login. The default username is root và the password is vmware. This gets you khổng lồ the OS console:

photo-machine login: rootPassword:root
photon-machine < ~ >#
Launch the network tool:

Enter a menu number <0>: 3Warning: if any of the interfaces for this VM use DHCP.,the hostname, DNS, & Gateway parameters will beoverwritten by information from the DHCPhường VPS.Type Ctrl-C to go baông chồng to the Main MenuNew hostname : set_ipv4 ==DEFULT_INT: eth0DEFAULT_IPV4: vlcm1DN: set_ipv6 ==DEFULT_INT: eth0DEFAULT_IPV6:HN: vlcm1DN: name has been mix khổng lồ
Final chiến thắng lớn mix is the 2) Default Gateway

We can now see the networking error has disappeared:


và we can get lớn the URL listed:


LCM v2.1.0 DHCPhường IP.. Deployment

I wondered if this was a problem for just deployments where you mix an IPhường. in the OVA deployment options. So I deleted the VM & tried again. To vì this don’t enter any information on the Networking Properties screen during deployment:


However on boot the VM has the same network IPhường issue appears as above.

Fix LCM 2.1.0 DHCP. IP

To fix this we use the same utility as above vami_config_net.

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Press Enter khổng lồ Login. The default username is root and the password is vmware. This gets you lớn the OS console:

photo-machine login: rootPassword:root
photon-machine < ~ >#
The IP is in my DHCPhường. range. Success!

LCM v8.0 Static IP.. Deployment

So as I said above vRealize Lifecycle Manager v8.0 was released, so I was interested to lớn see if IPhường addressing worked correctly in this version. One this I noticed was the underlying OS has been changed lớn PhotonOS.

When deploying the OVA the deployment options are slightly different.

The Application properties:


Then the Certificate Configuration (Optional):


Finally the Networking Properties:


Once imported lets kiểm tra networking:


It has picked up a DHCP address & not the static one set during deployment. Not ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá but at least there is connectivity.

Fix LCM v8.0 Static IP

We can fix the IP. address using the exact same utility as above config_vami_net. Login to PhotonOS using the username root và the password phối during the deployment options.

Launch the

vRLCM1 < ~ ># /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net Main Menu 0) Show Current Configuration (scroll with Shift-PgUp/Pg/Down) 1) Exit this program 2) Default Gateway 3) Hostname 4) DNS 5) Proxy Server 6) IP Address Allocation for eth0 Enter a thực đơn number <0>:
We can check the config again:

Enter a thực đơn number <0>: 0Network Configuration for eth9IPv4 Address: Address:Prefix:Global ConfigurationIPv4 Gateway: Gateway:Hostname: vRLCM1.corp.contoso.comDNS Servers: Name:Search Path:Proxy Server:
So the deployment has picked up some options such as the hostname but not the IP Address information. We can fix the IPhường Address using the same steps as above sầu.

Wrap Up

VMware have had made progress in running their products nested in Workstation (think ESXi & vCenter) but I vì not think the vRealize suite of products is there yet. You can install in Workstation but there are solvable issues to lớn get basic connectivity to lớn the appliances. I am sure I will find more gotchas running nested as I start learning the suite of products.

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Updated: October 21, 2019

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