VLCM News: VLCM acquires Trusted Network Solutions (TNS)

Salternative text Lake City, UT (November 24, 2020) - VLCM, an enterprise technology & data solutions company has announced that they have acquired Trusted Network Solutions (TNS), a great network & security provider with over 15 years of experience. This acquisition enhances VLCM’s network and security business.


VLCM is an Enterprise IT Solutions Provider focused on end-to-over data center and business solutions. From outfitting organizations with the right data center infrastructure, the right security, or the right VoIPhường solution, VLCM "Gets IT Right" by partnering with the industry"s top-performing hardware & software giải pháp công nghệ solutions, & services organizations from all verticals & all sizes.

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Enterprise Technology + Data

Plan and deploy the right server, storage, & networking solutions for your organization with the right availability, compatibility, reliability, scalability, performance, & security in mind.


Professional IT Services

With over 25 certified engineers, VLCM"s award-winning IT services are designed to lớn outfit your organization with the exact công nghệ it needs to grow and flourish.



At VLCM we take a holistic approach khổng lồ cybersecurity, và our cybersecurity solutions architects have industry leading expertise to lớn design, implement và tư vấn cybersecurity solutions that meet our customers unique needs.



Our engineers are certified to lớn the highest màn chơi of Aruba Networking expertise lớn help you create smarter spaces, secure mobility, and the ability khổng lồ work both at the office and at home.



Seamlessly extend your data center khổng lồ the cloud with greater reliability, flexibility, và performance you expect from your internal environment. Have sầu the ability lớn access your data anytime, và anywhere.

Physical Security

At VLCM, we have sầu an entire team dedicated to securing your business while boosting IT productivity. From moving your cameras khổng lồ the cloud, khổng lồ installing smart access control systems, VLCM can help you protect your business.

Audio/Visual (A/V)

Servicing any environment from the office to the classroom, VLCM specializes in the kiến thiết, engineering, installation, và training of audio visual systems that drive collaboration và performance.

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Managed IT Services

Relieve sầu your organization from the burden of managing its own IT environment. By outsourcing day-to-day maintenance, responsibilities, và functions, your company can cut costs AND effectively improve operations.

Managed Print Services

From toner and ink replacement, khổng lồ document management and print fleet optimization, VLCM Managed Print Services can manage your print environment so you can focus more on IT.

Hardware Repair

Whether it’s a hardware or software failure, a fateful fall, or human error, they stvà no chance against VLCM"s expert engineers. Receive sầu top factory and warranty-authorized repair, bringing your tech baông xã khổng lồ life in just 3 days.


Partnerships are vital to us. Partnership with our clients, our vendors & amuốn the VLCM team. We constantly develop và strengthen partnerships with our team, our clients và our vendors in being responsive sầu, competent, dependable, and fair.

Dedicated Staff

We are a people-focused và results- achieving team that connects lifelong clients with the right IT solutions và services. VLCM is a thriving business that provides the opportunity for people khổng lồ have a meaningful and/or awesome life.

Great Response Time

We are quick to lớn respond, and we truly care that our customers and partners get what they need when they need it - whether it be good or bad news. We are a smart, caring, and responsive sầu team, who are resourceful customer advocates and a pleasure bởi to lớn business with.

We Get IT Right

Simply put, we get technology right. If things happen khổng lồ go wrong,we bởi whatever it takes lớn get it right. The solutions we present are the right solutions for our customers. We finish projects & make sure the customer receives & perceives extreme value in what we bởi.

Request a Technology Consultation

Ready khổng lồ take your business khổng lồ the next level? Leave sầu us a message in the size or give sầu us a điện thoại tư vấn at 1-800-817-1504 to get in touch with a VLCM representative.