War heroes: france 1944 hacked

You are a member of the US army. Be ready for some WWII action. Make your crew & you to be proud by freed people. Release them và their country by angry Nazis.

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About the game

It’s World War Two. Allies are ready to lớn disembark. Be a part of the most famous battle in these troubled times. Bring glory to your country và help French people khổng lồ taste a freedom once again. Normandy, probably the most famous place in WWII stories. Yes, if you wanna be a part of these mess, it’s time. Playing this game, you actually have a real battle feeling.At the beginning of this war journey you can choose one of member of warring parties. You can be US army man, or Soldier of Soviet Union army, or you can be German Nazi military. Knowing what is going to be in France 1944, advice to lớn you, use winner crew. Graphics and feeling makes almost real picture of war, so be careful when you are playing, there’s a lot of blood & killing situation which may affect on you.


Main part of this unblocked game is Campaign mode. You have sầu a lot of mission which produce good spelling time in these virtual world. Every thành viên of military group is important, so lượt thích this game choose what you wanna to be. Assault – man with weapon. Good in combat and excellent with all type of guns. Medic – Hospital guy. Heal your army crew and prepare for more và more gun fighting. Medic is very important, especially in the war. Sniper – The most precise soldier. The best way to lớn use good eye guy is so easy. Just crouch, và pres right cliông chồng for zoom và try khổng lồ hit enemy. In this situation the best way lớn be sure that enemy is dead is to lớn shoot hlặng in the head, who’s calling headshot. Support – This soldier is effective in behind line. He is special for baông xã up và covering. Your defover line is secure with hyên.

Enemy at the gate

Get ready for war. The enemy is near. The best way to conquer them is that you stay in the group. All four guys must be lượt thích one. When someone from different soldier come try lớn put mouse cursor on him. It’s the best way for killing some Nazi guys. Also look a careful. If you see a gas bottle & it’s near lớn the enemy, try to hit this. The bottle will explode và kill everything around her. Every mission have some task. Usually is number of other players which you must khổng lồ destroyed. If you was killed, wait few seconds khổng lồ relive và bring back khổng lồ continue to fighting against these crazy Germans. Use your W or S button lớn go up/down, climb the ladder or crumble down. After each mission you have an information about your score và deaths for every member of your army squad. Pressing on escape you can see it, & also you can see have many goals you must khổng lồ take for passing a cấp độ.


Massacre và Zombies

Beside of campaign mode you have sầu a chance lớn play freeplay mode. Play this mode, it’s fantastic, because you have sầu an opportunity to crate battle on your way. First you can pick one of the three teams TDM, DOM & Demo. Inlớn this two first style of play you can choose score limit: 25, 50, 75 or 100. In that way you limit your mission with “how many men I wanna kill”. In chạy thử version there’s no options for that, but you have a plenty of time lớn get massacre of Nazi bring soldiers.

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Beside of this mode you necessarily try to lớn play zombie mode. Like a real The Walking Dead series shoot on this deadly green monsters who want lớn bite you. Remember you are alone in this mission & try khổng lồ stay focus, because they will attack from both side. Try lớn be a war nhân vật in this externals & kill all these walking creatures. You must survive all to the time elapse end.

Battle field & his participants

Pichồng your bản đồ or battleground which you wanna to lớn play. Bunker – old good concrete building for effective sầu defense. This map brings old classic way of war. Town – battle inkhổng lồ a heart of city. Try to lớn stay focus, because enemy is everywhere and wait to smaông xã you down. Train – Vehicle which was used for transporting peoples into a scary death camp. Destroy all around you. Let’s make damage to all Nazi troops and go to lớn train first. Village – into lớn a wildness you must prove that you a right guy for this mission. Ghostly empty villages make situation much worse & you must find a way lớn beat this. Tower – defover your tower, or attaông xã another, the choice is yours. Be careful, many people lost his lives to conquer enemies war building. After you choosing your map, pichồng one of three different military group: USA, Russia or Germany. Every one of this nations have sầu some special weapons, only for them, so try khổng lồ piông xã right one.



WWII bring so many war heroes, so when you wanmãng cầu choose which country & which soldiers will be your favorites, look at first here. US army have sầu four young và very resourceful guys. Their names are: Hawk, Doc, Tommy and Armie. German or Nazi soldiers are very disciplined & they are ready to give life for their purpose. Red Army is one of the most numerous military organisation in this sexennial war. Soviet Union is very proud with his sons. Yuri, Dmitry, Vladimir & Sasha is like four musketeer, all for one, and one for all.

Remember all bad things com t the end once time including World War 2. If you want to lớn experience the war time period and be a part some of the most famous battles in man kind, then this is definitely right game for you. Let’s make your crew as a war heroes, bring you and them medal of honor and make France và its citizen miễn phí again in 1944 year as it should be.



For this war heroes game you need a keyboard và a mouse. These are commands for playing this hacked game.

Move sầu left – AMove right – DAim và shoot – MouseCrouch – CZoom – Right clickSprint – ShiftReload – RSwap weapon – QPickup weapon – FJump/Climb – WDrop down – SThrow weapon – SpaceMute – MPause – ESC

Game play images

War Heroes France 1944 – Campaign
War Heroes France 1944 – Zombie