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If you want lớn tải về Windows 10 ISO Free image, this is the great place for this guide. I’ll show you the best way khổng lồ get Windows 10. I will also show you some methods you can use khổng lồ burn this ISO image lớn a USB drive sầu. Instead, I will also teach you how to lớn activate Windows 10 immediately after installation.

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If you have sầu already used it, rethành viên that an ISO image is a file that contains data that you can burn lớn a USB or DVD / CD drive. After burning it, you can install this software (or Windows) by connecting it khổng lồ a USB computer or book. The best reason for each ISO image is that the virut never affects it and also saves money (you don’t have sầu to buy a CD at the store).

Windows 10 ISO Free Download Highly Compressed image file:

Windows 10 Download ISO images are available for download for everyone. Microsoft makes the ISO files available so that the users can download and clean install/upgrade Windows without any issues. Microsoft gives multiple ways to download và install the latest version of Windows. We will discuss some of the ways in detail in this article.

In today’s guide, I will tell you the best way lớn Download Windows 10 ISO image tệp tin Free. Instead of this, I will tóm tắt with you some most useful tools which can be helpful khổng lồ burn the ISO tệp tin inlớn USB Drive sầu. Read this article completely so that you don’t miss any step otherwise you will make a mistake that may harm your computer or personnel tệp tin.

Windows 10 Activation Key Features:

First, let’s discuss the features of Windows 10, the final version of Windows. If you are new to Windows 10, kiểm tra this menu khổng lồ see how useful Windows is. As you know, Microsoft owner Bill Gates recently announced that he will not nâng cấp to lớn Windows 7. This means that Windows 7 will not be with us until 20đôi mươi.

In this case, most people move lớn this final version of Windows. Windows 10 has all the features that were missing from previous Windows 7 or 8. They have sầu brought both versions of these features together và made them final, meaning you won’t see any other Windows.

Ok, let’s talk about the cool & interesting features of this lachạy thử operating system:

Cortana on your desktop

Are you the main person? In that case, these features are just for you. Cortana is the name of a voice assistant who works with your voice commands. It works just lượt thích Google Voice Assistant or Amazon Assistant. Now a máy tính xách tay or computer is much easier to use than before.

Xbox app

You lượt thích to play? Then let me introduce you to lớn this amazing Xbox phầm mềm that lets you play Xbox games right on your computer. Microsoft has released Direct X 10 & improved graphics chất lượng và performance so you can enjoy the real-time experience. Although it has an Xbox DVR feature that lets you record games for 30 seconds. In that case, you’ll never thua thảm an unexpected game win and show it to your friends. You can also take a screenshot directly from your Xbox DVR. So stop telling us about these third tiệc nhỏ apps.

Start menu

I hope you, like me, don’t like the Windows 8 Start menu. In this case, the good news is that Microsoft has just replaced this full-screen Start menu with a new style. When you open the Start menu, you can find recently installed applications in the last thực đơn. You can also add Quiông xã Launch applications that you can create on the right. In the left thực đơn, you can add quiông chồng actions to lớn instant access, including settings, my computer, my documents, và more.


Want quiông xã access to lớn all your open apps? That is the best way to lớn bởi this. The new và improved multitasking feature lets you view all open applications at once. Use this phầm mềm to lớn quickly jump from one phầm mềm to another. It can be placed on the Start thực đơn so you can cliông chồng it lớn see all applications running in the background.

Tablet switch

Do you own a tablet? Not comfortable using Windows? In this case, there is a feature you can use to make it easier. This new tablet feature lets you turn your Windows layout inlớn a simple user interface to make you comfortable using it. They have made many improvements lớn the lakiểm tra update, which is more stable than before.

Microsoft Store

One of the best features I like about Windows 10 Pro is this lachạy thử and most up-to-date Microsoft Store. You can also find all apps and games in this store. You can now install Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and other social media applications right on your computer. Now you don’t need blues blocks or any other emulator khổng lồ run Android apps on your computer.

Event Center

Find a cool, beautiful action center in this latest Windows 10 update. Provides easy access lớn all the quiông xã setups in one place, easy WiFi on / off, Công nghệ Bluetooth, etc. Another thing is that you now get all your notifications in one place. This notification bar is connected to the activity hub to receive notifications such as iOS & Android phones.

Common Settings

Therefore, after upgrading Windows 10, Microsoft removed these two applications to lớn access the settings. Your computer và control panel settings are now created together so you can access them in one place without opening individual programs.

Download Windows 10 ISO File

So, after reading the features of Windows 10 you must be curious about the Windows 10 Download ISO. If yes then your wait is over as I am going lớn tell you how you can download Windows 10 ISO image tệp tin from Microsoft totally không tính phí. There are two methods to lớn tải về the ISO image file of Windows 10.

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The first method required the Microsoft Media Creation tool while in another method you are not required to have sầu that tool. You can directly download through the Internet Download Manager at high tốc độ.

First, we will discuss the Media Creation method:

Windows 10 Download ISO With Media Creation Tool

1. First of all, you will need lớn open this link and download the Media Creation Tool.

2. After downloading the tool now open the location where you downloaded it and right-click on its inhỏ and click Run as Administrator.

3. When you open the program it will then ask you khổng lồ read the license agreement, so you just need to cliông xã on accept and you will see two options there. The first option will create installation truyền thông media for other pc, the second is tải về ISO image.

Note: If you want lớn directly burn the ISO image into your USB Drive sầu then choose the Create Installation Media. Otherwise, you can download the ISO image to burn it later.

4. So, I will choose the Create Installation Media và then clichồng on the Next button located right side below.

5. After clicking on next it will then ask you lớn choose the language in which you want khổng lồ tải về the ISO. Choose your desired language & then again cliông xã on the Next button.

6. Now from here, it will ask you lớn connect the USB drive sầu. You then need USB flash drive which must be 8GB or above & then again clichồng on next. It will then start downloading Windows 10 ISO tệp tin in your computer & then it will automatically burn inlớn your USB drive sầu.

Note: Please make sure to lớn baông xã up your files from USB Flash drive sầu as this process will format your USB pen drive.

7. Wait until the download completes & then you will get the bootable USB drive. It is now ready khổng lồ use and you are now able to install Windows 10 from your USB Pen Drive.

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Minimum System Requirements

If you don’t know the requirements for Windows 10 ISO download? then read out this list before trying to install on your computer/máy tính.

Processor: 1 Gigahertz (GHz) or Faster Processor or SoC.RAM: 1 Gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit.Hard Disk: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS.Graphics Card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.Screen Resolution: 800×600Pros & Cons

Here is my personal opinion on this new Windows 10 ISO tải về. You can also tell me what you lượt thích or dislike the most about this version of the Windows operating system.


Supports Directx 12Better User Interface as compared to lớn the older versionsIt is almost the same as Windows 7 (for Windows 7 lovers)Improved và Enhanced SecurityA Built-in in Windows Defender (Antivirus)Cortamãng cầu your personal Assistant.

These are some best features which I love sầu about Windows 10 but as you know that everything has its black side. So, let’s now talk about the cons which I hate the most about Windows 10.


A lot of unnecessary applications running on BackgroundToo many bloatware (which take your storage)If you tìm kiếm something in Cortana then you will be forced to use the Bing tìm kiếm engine (I hate this tìm kiếm engine) in their Microsoft Edge.Too much permission while you are changing the default application.

These are some cons about the Windows 10, you can also tell me which thing you hate about Windows 10 in the bình luận section. In this way people will be aware of what they are going to lớn use & what problems will they face.

Make Windows 10 Bootable USB From ISO

So, if you have sầu just downloaded the ISO image file from another trang web or even from Media Creation Tool. Then you just need to lớn follow these steps to make a bootable USB drive using ISO image tệp tin. Follow the steps below carefully otherwise you may damage your USB drive sầu.

Ok, let’s move sầu lớn the steps:

1. First of all, you need khổng lồ download the Rufus tool from this link Download Rufus Tool. It is a miễn phí tool that is very helpful in creating the bootable drive sầu.

2. This tool doesn’t require the installation so you can simply double cliông xã on it right after it downloaded.

3. After you open the Rufus tool now you need lớn connect the USB flash drive into your pc/máy tính. Please make sure it has a capađô thị of 8GB or above.

Note: Make sure to back up your personal data from the flash drive sầu because Rufus tool will format your drive sầu và you may thua your data. So, first, move all your data on your computer or any other flash drive sầu before proceeding.

4. Now you will see too many options in the Rufus tool window. Don’t touch others instead of those which I am telling you. You need khổng lồ change the DDos into the ISO image tệp tin which can be located near the DVD icon.

5. After choosing ISO image you will then need lớn click on that DVD inhỏ và it will open a new window. In this window, you need lớn select the ISO image tệp tin which you have downloaded from the Media Creation Tool.

6. When choosing the ISO image just click on open & it will load in the Rufus. Now leave sầu everything và just cliông xã on Start, you will then see a warning message just clichồng on Ok.

That’s it now the Rufus tool will start burning the ISO image tệp tin into your Pen Drive sầu. The process will take about 10-15 minutes.

How To Activate Windows 10

After downloading Windows 10 it is recommended lớn activate it instantly. It is because of that Windows 10 comes with the 30 days of trial which means after your trial ends you will be restricted to use most of Windows 10 features.

But how you can vị that? Let me show you an easy way to lớn Activate Windows 10 without paying a penny. Yes, of course, the method Which I am sharing with you doesn’t cost you money & you can activate as many computers as you want.

So, let’s kiểm tra out the activation process:

Now when the download is completed you will then need to lớn extract the zip tệp tin.

Note: Before extracting the zip tệp tin make sure khổng lồ disable your antivi khuẩn otherwise it will delete the ReLoader Activator. It is not because it contains a virus but it is because all the activators are blacklisted by those Antivirus tools.

Now cliông xã the PRODUCT ICON, you want lớn activate.Cliông chồng “Activate” and wait, while activating product untill it shows a message of success. It automatically activates the hàng hóa.

That’s it you have sầu now successfully activated the Windows 10 without paying money. So after the activation restart your computer and then right-cliông xã on My Computer and then clichồng on properties. In this section, you will see the activation status of your Windows.