AttackHPDefenseSpeedCritical %300210140437106→1168%Evolution MaterialAzure Carp (Mid)x16Azure Carp (High)x8Lightning Drum (Mid)x16Lightning Drum (High)x8Evolution AbilityDefense buff +20%SoulExample: Dawn Fairy x4 + HP x2;Attribute Focus: speed/Effect HIT/HP



Hammer Smash
Cost0 Orb
DescriptionST 100% attachồng damage
Level upLv.2 +5% damage
Lv.3 +5% damage
Lv.4 +5% damage
Lv.5 +10% damage

Cost0 Orb
DescriptionUpon inflicting damage, 8% (+ Effect HIT) chance to Daze enemies for 1 turn
Level upNot Upgradable

Cost3 Orb
DescriptionAOE 35% attachồng damage x3
Level upLv.2 +6% damage
Lv.3 +6% damage
Lv.4 +6% damage
Lv.5 +6% damage


Summon, Shards (Guild, Demon Parade, Encounter)


Chapter 8 – the second Umbrellas have sầu 1; Chapter 16 – the three Gakis have sầu 2 each;Extra Chapter “Hell Agent in training” – the two Yamawaros have 1 each;Soul – Stage One has 1;Bond of Momiji – Stage Three has 2;Riverside Tales – Stage Two has 3;

Sample Team

Yamawaro, Yuki Onna, Zashiki, Ebisu, Shuten Doji, with Seimei


Yamawaro is not a bad unit to lớn inflict AOE Daze. Daze is a powerful status effect for it is not dispellable. However, having only 8% chance lớn stun before Effect HIT is a bit too low. Otherwise, he can be one of the more formidable Shikigamis.

He’s comparable to lớn Yuki Onna for being just an R.