Dragon Ball: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Yamoshi Yamoshi is a well-known character in the Dragon Ball universe, but there are some things you might not know about him.

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Akira Toriyama"s Dragon Ball and all of the subsequent sequels và spin-offs for the show have inspired multiple generations of mangaka, & his works have influenced the creation of just about every Shonen anime you can imagine. Perhaps one of the reasons that Toriyama"s work is so ubiquitous throughout the anime scene is that he really knows how khổng lồ write interesting characters.

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His design is always really eye-catching, và his characters have sầu a variety of strengths & weaknesses that really over up creating a fully fleshed-out vision, complete with changes & arcs & compelling struggles. There are some characters not everyone knows a lot about though, one of those being Yamoshi.

Planet Vegeta is the planet that serves as the trang chính to the Saiyan race, which is a group of humanoid types almost indistinguishable from humans other than being born with tails. Goku, Vegeta, their respective sầu families, Broly, Raditz, và Nappa come from planet Vegeta. While they might help out the earth by defending it from any threat that faces it now, before that, they were a race of war-hungry beings sort of like the Spartans in ancient Greece, making war for fun as a lifestyle.

Yamoshi saw this & understood it was wrong, so he decided lớn start a rebellion và vị his best to take out all the evil Saiyans và restore the planet khổng lồ a peaceful state. Unfortunately, the Super Saiyan God size doesn"t naturally last very long, and Yamoshi was defeated as soon as he lost control of holding himself in that state.

When Goku finds out about the Super Saiyan God khung, he decides khổng lồ get the rồng balls lớn sumtháng the wish-granting Long Shenron khổng lồ figure out how khổng lồ access it. Shenron tells hyên ổn that according khổng lồ legend, there"s a form known as Super Saiyan God that"s pretty much only rumored, other than the fact that there was once an ancient Saiyan warrior who was able khổng lồ tap inlớn it.

This ancient warrior seems khổng lồ be the subject of this article, Yamoshi. The only place this information is written down is in The Namekian Book Of Legends, which contains a great many other tales about the secrets of the universe & days gone by.

In the early days of the Dragon Ball Z dub, Vegeta is telling Goku the story of the legendary Saiyan, saying that Goku shouldn"t be able lớn reach Super Saiyan.

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Vegeta messes up, and only in the dub seems lớn imply that this legendary Saiyan could only achieve sầu a Super Saiyan state while in his ape transformation. If this legendary Saiyan was indeed Yamoshi, this is a bit of a continuity error.

Dragon Ball & Akira Toriyama are both well-known for their sense of humor. A few examples of this is when Master Roshi removes his shirt when his isl& is in danger to reveal an incredibly buff physique và Hercule/Mr. Satan thinking that he"s the most powerful fighter in the world even though he"s completely unaware that he"s staring death in the face when volunteering lớn defover Earth in the Cell Saga.

There"s also the trkết thúc of naming characters with vaguely food-related puns. Gohan is the Japanese word for rice, Saiyan và Vegeta essentially mean vegetable, Beets, Broly, Cabbố, Kale, Kakarot, và now... Yamoshi, which roughly translates khổng lồ "Bean Sprout" tells us that he"s essentially sprouting the Super Saiyan God form.

Yamoshi isn"t really depicted in either the manga or the anime as specifically as we"d lượt thích hyên ổn to be. He mostly wears the same outfit that Vegeta has on during his arrival on Earth at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

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His original appearance was originally much more regal than he appears in the show though. The animator who designed him and Toriyama took quite a long time to agree on a design that doesn"t have sầu a cape.

5 He Could Be Related To Vegeta

There are many bạn theories about Goku"s relation lớn Vegeta, given their very similar appearances & abilities, and the fact that they both come from the same planet. While they definitely aren"t brothers, there"s a very good chance that they were descended from the same family line.

This family line might be that of Yamoshi who lived 1000 years before the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. While it may seem farfetched at first, when we look at the story of Yamoshi, we slowly start to lớn realize that it would make sense considering the 3 of them are the only known Super Saiyans other than Broly.

Yamoshi saw a great threat to his planet, the evil và conquering spirit of the Sayains in their past. That"s why Beerus ordered Frieza khổng lồ destroy their planet, & Frieza, possessing an incredible fear of Beerus và seeing an opportunity khổng lồ grab power for himself, did so.

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The motivation for Frieza doing this is that since he has a quest for control of the entirety of their universe if another Super Saiyan were ever lớn arise, that Sayain might be the only one who could challenge hlặng and put a stop khổng lồ his quest.

3 He Talks To Goku

When Goku is using Super Saiyan God size for the first time after the ritual involving five other Saiyans who were pure of heart, he gets beaten badly và barely survives.

The only time we see Yamoshi in the manga or the anime is when he appears khổng lồ tell Goku that all he needs to lớn vày khổng lồ survive sầu the fight is lớn push further và vị his best to rethành viên what he"s fighting for.

Even though Yamoshi is shown to lớn be incredibly powerful since no one had ever seen a Super Saiyan at the time he lived, we see that the overwhelming combined might of the Saiyans all at once was too much for hyên ổn.

Once the duration of his Super Saiyan God form had ended, he was quickly taken care of. While Goku is now able to sumtháng the powers of Super Saiyan God size at will, it"s clear that Goku might end up overexerting himself when he needs lớn fight most. The story of Yamoshi should serve sầu as a cautionary tale.

1 It"s Not Clear If He"ll Ever Get Brought Up In Canon Again

There was much talk that the movie which came out in December of 2018 would be a film about Yamoshi that would explore the ancient history of the Saiyans. Unfortunately, that movie didn"t happen.

Yamoshi"s existence was first confirmed by Toriyama in an interview, và he really hasn"t been talked about much since then. There are also rumors that Toriyama"s editor suggested to lớn him that he needed khổng lồ biến hóa a story to lớn fix plot holes to pacify fans, and thus Yamoshi was born.